10 things everyone wants to know about our Monthly Patches

The magical wonders of our Monthly Patches

This slim, discreet and cooling Monthly Patch is striking up all kinds of conversations outside of our BeYou Headquarters, attracting the likes of Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan, who described it as “witchcraft”!

Natural Organic Period Products - BeYou


Said to be “life-changing” by hundreds of our users, our all-natural products have been placed under the spotlight, with more and more people asking us the same question: what magic spell has this natural fibre strip placed on me?

Your questions have been heard! It’s about time we unleash our secrets and explore all things about our BeYou Monthly Patches: from application, tips and tricks, environmental impact, as well as whether it’s safe to use while pregnant.

So, let’s get to the 10 questions that everyone is asking us: 

1. What are our Monthly Patches? 

Formulated to provide natural comfort, the Monthly Patches contain two key ingredients: Menthol and Eucalyptus Oils which are released over a 12 hour period.

BeYou Monthly Patches

2. Patching up some stigma

Our Monthly Patches are often compared to hot water bottles, a product often used to combat period pain. However, our Monthly Patches are a little different: containing steam distilled essential oils which are 100% natural, so you don’t run the risk of burning or scarring your skin. 

Eco-conscious is of key interest when it comes to our business, which is why we have put in vast efforts to make our Monthly Patches as natural, organic and sustainable as possible. This can be said for our entire BeYou range, including our Plant-Picked Vitamin Supplements.

Apart from being registered with the Vegan Society, our patches are also biodegradable within 36 months. While the packaging itself is made from recycled materials, it can also be recycled by 92% of curbside recycling collections!

If protecting our dear Mother Earth, and all that walks its surface, is of high priority (as it should be!), then you may want to know a little more about how to pull off an eco-friendly period

3. What can you use the Monthly Patches for?

Our Monthly Patches are made to be slim and discreet with a less than 0.3mm thick patch made up of natural fibres, which means that they can be placed on any skin area of your liking, be it by cutting them into smaller strips or using two to cover your tracks! 

Front, back, legs, breasts - you can use them wherever you need to; all day, or all night - or both! All you need to do is place it directly onto your skin and the natural adhesive will do it’s work for up to 12 hours, so you can tackle your day (or night) with ease and relief from painful tasks! 

4. Applying your Monthly Patch

While we live and swear by these magic strips, we’re also entirely clued up about the best way to make the most out of your monthly patch! 

Spare yourself three seconds of your time and agitation, by removing the middle strip of the patch first before placing the patch on your desired location.

This trick is one that usually goes unnoticed and will prevent you from getting your patches sticking together! After all, our patches are super sticky, in order to get you through that 12 hour period, which means that this tip will save you lots of time and frustration from getting your patch stuck together!

Period Pain Patches

How to safely remove your Monthly Patch

Our discreet Monthly Patches are made to last, which means that removing this strip with its sticky adhesive straight off can be – ouch! Make sure that you always remove the Monthly Patch with water.

It’s simple really, you can either remove these patches whilst in the shower or bath, at the end of your day or just before your day - or take a damp cloth and pat the patches with it, until it is damp and peels off smoothly. This is a requirement, not a recommendation.It’s a monthly patch, not a wax strip ;) 

5. Zero artificial colours

Occasionally we are asked why our Monthly Patches are a beige colour and if we have considered creating them in other skin tones. It’s important to us that the BeYou community know that the patches actually weren’t created to match any specific skin tone.

Our Patches are beige because this is the colour of the natural plant fibres we use to create them, with zero additional nasties such as artificial colours or chemical-filled dyes. We're working on making them the BeYou teal colour (or maybe transparent) but so far we have not found anything natural that keeps the efficacy of our patches in tact! As we say though, we're working on it so watch this space!

BeYou Monthly Patches

6. Allergies and sensitivities

Our monthly patches are made from 100% natural fibres, untouched by chemicals and contain a proprietary matrix arrangement of Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil.

Our monthly patch includes an adhesive made from tree sap and is a naturally derived medical-grade polymer blend.

7. Eco-conscious Femcare 

When it comes to being mindful and conscious of the environment, we’re on the same page! After all, Mother Earth is the one that we have to thank for all of the natural ingredients we use to make our femcare range from.

Finding cruelty-free femcare products to support a Vegan-friendly period is a substantial part of being environmentally conscious, particularly for the Vegan community. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Monthly Patches are approved by the Vegan society; being completely cruelty-free and don’t contain any nasty-animal derived ingredients.

8. Traditional Period Products 

Hot water bottles are commonly used to aid menstruators when experiencing period pain and are most women’s first go-to when those period cramps surface. 

While heat therapy can ease period pains at first, when used for a prolonged period, hot water bottles can cause what is known as a rebound phenomenon, which can lead to a condition called Erythema Ab Igne, a condition commonly known as “hot water bottle scars”. This being a reason as to why you shouldn’t rely on heat to help your period pains.

Hot water bottles and Cooling Patches

Our BeYou monthly patches are described to have a ‘cooling tingle’ which our patches are famous for. 

Physiologically hot water bottles are actually very different to how our patches work and also less convenient for on the go, as you'd have to somehow manage to strap it on to you and walk around whereas our oils release over 12 hours consistently without leaving so much as a bulge like those bulky heat pads would.

Is a hot water bottle environmentally-friendly?

However, while hot water bottles may help ease period pain for a quick 30 minutes,they are in fact extremely difficult to recycle, not to mention not very efficient to manufacture and produce in the first place. 

Not to mention that while a hot water bottle is reusable, if you boil the kettle to fill up your hot water bottle 5 times a day while you are on your monthly cycle, you’re likely to leave a bigger carbon footprint than just an entire pack of 5 Monthly Patches!

9. Can you use the Monthly Patches when trying to fall pregnant?

Many mothers-to-be are concerned about whether our Monthly Patches are safe to use during pregnancy, and we don’t blame you! As far as our research goes, Menthol and eucalyptus oil aren't known to be harmful to use when planning or during pregnancy.

In fact, lots of customers use (or have used) the patches throughout pregnancy to help with the various aches and pains they get - having been cleared by their doctor / pharmacist to use them - particularly in the first trimester!

However, as with all herbal products, we always advise consulting your doctor first as we do know that some doctors advise against the use of any essential oils whatsoever - either when planning a pregnancy, or even during your pregnancy.

We always prefer to be on the safe side, and it's also nice for you to have peace of mind if you speak to someone who knows you and your condition best :)


When it comes to breastfeeding, there is some anecdotal evidence to show that menthol can reduce the amount of milk produced. While that can be great for engorgement, it's not the intended purpose so we'd stay clear until breastfeeding is over.

Sorry if that's bad news! We're working on a variation which can be used while breastfeeding, although that likely won't be of much use to you by the time we launch it!

10. Your super flexible Monthly Patch subscription!

Once you’ve experienced the Monthly Patches, you may find that you too can’t go without them! Which is why we’ve set up a Monthly Patch subscription for you to grab yourself some patches for whenever you may need them! 

Period Products - Subscription -

Once you’ve signed up, you have unlimited access to: 

  • Paying £5.99 per pack instead of £7.99
  • The number of patches you receive
  • How often you’ll receive your patches – from fortnightly to monthly – it’s entirely up to you!
  • The dispatch date from our HQ
  • Skip shipments as many times as you need
  • Cancel whenever you like!

On top of saving yourself money with each purchase, you also have complete control and access! If there’s anything that you cannot do yourself, you could find in our simple guide to your Monthly Patch subscription or just contact us directly!

There’s so much to love about our Monthly Patches, that we’re running out of space just writing about them! If you have any questions that we haven’t covered for you already, then don’t be a stranger! We sure love to talk about all things that come around periodically ;) 

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