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How to manage your BeYou subscription

It's nearly Christmas time and the BeYou elves are working hard to make sure you get your BeYou Monthly Patches before the festive period is in full swing. 18th December 2019 is the last possible date for BeYou orders to be sent before Christmas. All subscribers will see that their renewal dates for their patches will change to 18th December unless changed by the subscriber. If you would like to bring forward your subscription renewal date or change if for January 2020 then you will need to change it on your account page. Therefore, here is a handy little guide to show you how easy it to change the delivery date for your subscription.

1. Log in/ Create an account 

Firstly, log in to your BeYou account, on the account page. You can find the account page by clicking on the My Account icon (i.e the lil' person next to the shopping basket). If you haven't created an account but you are a subscriber simply click the 'register' button on the left-hand side and use the same email address that you used to set up your subscription. Then, when you have registered your account, all your previous subscription orders will appear in your account. 

2. My Account 

Once you have logged in, you will then reach the 'My Account' page. This shows all your previous subscriptions orders, their dates, prices as well as your address on the left-hand side. Above your address, there is the 'Manage Subscriptions' button. Click on this button to change your subscription date. 

3. Subscription orders 

You will land then the 'Subscription orders' page. You can see the name of the product, the number of patches you receive on subscription as well the next charge date. This is the date that will need to be changed if you would like your patch subscription to come before Christmas or for a specific date in the new year. To change the date, click the 'edit' button on the right-hand side.  

4. Subscription Date 

On the following 'Cramp Patch Subscription' page, you will then see the next charge date with 'Change next charge date' button underneath. Click on that button and you will see a box with the calendar date of the next charge date. You can then use the arrow or type in the desired date for the next subscription renewal. 

Then once you have changed the date, click the purple save button below and then it should look like the following. A blue bar should appear at the bottom with 'Your action is being processed'. This means your new subscription recharge date is being saved. Then a green bar will appear stating 'Next charge date updated'. 

And now your subscription is completely up to date! This doesn't just apply to Christmas, you can change the charge date of your subscription whenever you need to. If you need to skip a month or two, or need to bring the date forward, all of that can be done via the above steps. It really is that easy! 

Still, have subscription queries? Check out our FAQ page for more info or comment below and we can answer your questions right here! Share this post with your fellow BeYou subscribers to make sure you can all get your Christmas subscriptions before we close for the holidays. 

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