5 things you can't do with a hot water bottle

No pain on earth can match period pain, let’s be honest. Us menstruators get a hard time every 28 days.

It can stop us going to school or work, leaving us in crippling pain all day and night. Many women turn to hot water bottles to help relieve their period pains, but are they actually that effective? Not only are they incredibly dangerous if they burst, but they can even damage the skin permanently just by being in close contact with your body. Errmm, WTF?!

Here are 5 things you most definitely shouldn’t be doing with a hot water bottle while on your period.

1. Sleep

Hot water bottles may feel cosy but trying to sleep with one is way too impractical. Whether you sleep better while lying on your front, back or side, trying to get a hot water bottle in the right position is a struggle at the best of times. Most people tend to wriggle around in their sleep, moving their hot water bottle down the side of the bed, on to the floor or even on their partner. Moving around in your sleep also runs the risk of the hot water bottle bursting, scalding you and someone else. Not only can they cause serious burns, but a recent study has shown that applying heat to painful areas can increase the likelihood of cramps

Sleep is precious to those of us blessed with a uterus. Women often feel more fatigued during their period and period pain, or dysmenorrhoea, keeps us tossing and turning all night, meaning we’re shattered the next day. Trying to sleep with a rubbery sack of boiling water next to you, doesn’t sound very relaxing to us. The BeYou Monthly Patch can be worn all day and all night, meaning you can forget about having sleepless nights because of your period pain. Simply peel off the sticky back and place it where you feel the most discomfort, lie back and feel the power of the essentials oils working their magic. 

2. In the office 

Whether you’re a 9-5 type of gal or you’re slaying those shifts, nothing is worse than being stopped in your tracks by period pain. The pain kicks in, your mind clouds over and all you can think about is curling into a tiny ball underneath your duvet waiting for the pain to go away. Hot water bottles may seem like an easy solution to period pain at work, but we disagree. Not only are they completely impractical if you’re on feet while at work, they just aren’t discreet. 

Unfortunately, because of the stigma surrounding periods, many women don’t feel comfortable talking about their periods while at work. Many women are even discouraged from bringing hot water bottles to work. In fact, our founder Kru, used to use hot water bottles while at work and was told by male and female colleagues that it was ‘unprofessional’ to use one in the office. Period pain is 100% natural and happens to half the population every month. How can they be ‘unprofessional’?! In light of this, Kru and her brother, Hemang, founded BeYou with a mission to make 100% natural and discreet products to help women with their daily problems. Our BeYou Monthly Patches are 0.3mm thick, making them super thin and discreet so they can be worn underneath clothing. Now, you can freely roam your place of work without lugging a hot water bottle around! 

3. For on-the-go periods

Modern life is hectic and we’re constantly on the go. Your period also has a schedule to stick to and she does not care about yours. Period. Period pains come unannounced at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s on a night out, while you’re shopping or doing some DIY, period pains don’t stop to suit you. Hot water bottles, well, they’re a bit too ‘stationary’. 

The BeYou Monthly Patches are here to help. Thin, flexible and discreet, the Monthly Patches are great if you’re an on-the-go kinda girl. Pop one on wherever you feel you need it, before you hit the town or before you go on that picturesque hike and feel the essential oils get to work in under 30 minutes. You can use the BeYou Monthly Patch any time day or night, unlike hot water bottles. They slowly release the essential oils over 12 hours, meaning you can go about your business without having to strap a searing hot bag of water to your body! If that isn’t a win, we don’t know what is. 

4. Travel 

Crippling period pain can be enough to ruin your holiday in the sun. Your period does certainly not receive a welcome rival when you’re basking in the sun on the Spanish coast or while you’re site-seeing around a new city. Period pain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your vacay with your girlfriends. But who wants to haul a hot water bottle around while baking in the hot weather?! And, if you’re going abroad you can’t even take your hot water bottle away with you. Tackling vacay period pain doesn’t have to be difficult though. 

The BeYou Monthly Patch is your new travel buddy. They can be conveniently stored in your hand luggage if you’re flying, and they contain no liquids meaning you don’t have to store them with your toiletries. The slow release of the essential oils means you can pop one on before a long haul flight and enjoy the menthol and eucalyptus oils working throughout your journey.  Period pain no longer has to stop you from enjoying your holiday with the BeYou Monthly Patches

5. Workout 

Exercise can be super beneficial during Shark Week. The endorphin boost encourages your body to ease the cramps and helps your muscles to relax. Getting to the gym while on your period is another obstacle entirely. When you’re a cramping PMS ridden ball of hormones, exercising is something that you dread. And, we don’t think your instructor would appreciate you carrying a hot water bottle around? Meaning hot water bottles are definitely a no-go for the gym. 

Unlike hot water bottles, the BeYou Monthly Patch is perfect for the gym. They hug the body without leaving any of those awkward lines underneath your gym leggings. They fit perfectly in your gym bag so you can even apply one right before your exercise class. Need to take one off while at the gym? That’s no problem at all, simply jump in the gym shower and slowly peel off the patch under the running water. After you’re sweat-free and squeaky clean, you can apply a fresh patch to the same area and carry on slaying your day after the gym. Exercising while on your period has never been so easy. 

Hot water bottles are a thing of the past. The BeYou Patches are here to make sure you can go about your day without your period holding you back. Have a question about the Monthly Patch? Check out our FAQs or message us in our live chat, the BeYou team would love to talk to you! 

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