Soothe period cramps the natural way

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A natural product, backed by science.

Finally, a natural solution to help soothe period cramps! ‘Natural' and ‘herbal’ aren’t just buzzwords to us; they’re at the core of our mission: to create science-backed, natural products for women everywhere. Scientists are increasingly finding inspiration by observing the wonders of mother nature. By correlating the physiological effects of different organic ingredients, you end up with products, which aren’t ‘only’ natural; but created and tested using rigorous scientific research. It’s the best of both worlds, letting you... BeYou.

100% natural
Long lasting
Soothes & Relieves
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Period Cramp Relief Patch

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100% Natural

At BeYou, we’ll only ever create natural products, backed by science, but without the added chemicals. Period 👀. The two ingredients of the patch are Eucalyptus oil and Menthol. These get absorbed (slowly) through the skin and help ease the muscular tension which causes period cramps. All natural. All you.

Up to 12 Hours of Relief

No need to keep having pain killers or refilling hot water bottles throughout the day (and night). BeYou provides upto 12 hours of relief in 1 patch!

  • Get on with your day
  • Use it all night (it lasts 😏)

Use Anywhere

Don’t let your period cramps get in the way of your day... BeYou! You can use the patch just about anywhere: at school, at work, while travelling, or while sleeping... it's discreet (although it shouldn't need to be), and you can use it just about anywhere! Put it on, enjoy the tingle, and forget about it.

Being more us

Join thousands of women who’ve switched to a naturally soothed period.

We’re not one of those brands saying you’ll love being on your period, and everything’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns. But take it from these women; the patch can really help soothe your cramps. And let’s face it, every little helps (sorry Tesco!).


"LOVE this product!!! This is not a ‘want’ product anymore, this is a ‘need’! Well done again xxx" Rupa T.


"I've just tried your product and am honestly in love! ❤️I've suffered so long, having to take priscription pain killers regularly to combat the agony I'm in. Your product goes a long way in easing pain without the use of medicine, so thank you! The numerous friends who have bought it have given me such positive feedback. ❤️" @farrahtalsi


"After finally being diagnosed with #endometriosis I felt helpless until I found this product! @beyouperiod after the first time using it within 1 hour my pain was 90% gone! Of course there will still be some pain there as it's natural but I can't get my head around how amazing this product is!" lushlover_04


"I suffer with Endometriosis and ibs pain. First day wearing one today and wow definitely took the agony pain away. Will be ordering some more! Would recommend anybody to try these! X" Bekki S.


"This actually worked for my initial cramps and allows me to carry on with my day in peace! It's the perfect name "Be you" as it allowed me to by myself and not be the cranky, irritable person when it comes to the time of the month. More girls and women need to know about this, they should know that they have a natural option that actually works!" @riiaa.x

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