'It's a hell of an upgrade from talc!': BeYou Chafing Cream

Despite the sun temporarily putting his (or her!) hat on over the last few weeks, Summer is officially here! If you’re like us, you’ll have already been online shopping for your summer wardrobe for the last few weeks. Well, we needed something to keep us occupied during lockdown! 

One thing we forget every year, however, is the dreaded feeling of chafing beginning to creep in the minute you set out wearing said new summer wardrobe. We’ve tried all sorts here at BeYou HQ  - from cycling shorts which do nothing to cool you down, to roll-on deodorants full of chemical nasties which only dried us out - and realised we needed to create a natural, long-lasting solution to chafing, which actually worked. Enter the BeYou Chafing Cream, a 100% natural and vegan formula designed to create a water and sweat resistant barrier on your thighs, underboobs, arms - wherever you’re feeling the chafe! We used high quality ingredients including Colloidal Silver to create a dream cream which not only protects you from chafing, but soothes and actually heals existing irritations. We like to call it our little summer saviour! 

You guys loved our last post where some lovely ladies gave us their honest reviews, so we spoke to more of our (very well-treated!) guinea pigs to ask them how they were getting on with their new summer bestie!

Sherryl, a blogger, at @x_sherryl_x

‘One thing I hate during summer is chafing and soreness, but this bad girl right here is my saving grace, - thanks BeYou! It’s 100% natural and vegan (no nasty chemicals) and creates a water and sweat resistant barrier to stop the friction which causes chafing and soreness’

Emma, an Endometriosis blogger at @endowithemma

 ‘My thighs and summer have a very hostile relationship... they love each other really and it’s a blessing when it comes to eating on your lap and not dropping your phone down the loo, but a nice walk in the hot summer weather is a no go zone for us. UNTIL, I came across this all-natural chafing cream! I’ve been using this stuff for around 10 days now and it’s a hell of an upgrade from talc powder. It’s super light, hydrating and smells like a posh spa!

Cheyenne, a gynaecological nurse and BeYou Brand Ambassador, at @letstalkgynae

‘This chafing cream is like gold! Very lightweight consistency, smells amazing and really combats friction on those thick thighs!”

Georgia, a lifestyle blogger and mum, at @georgia_coady and www.georgiacoady.co.uk 

 ‘Before discovering this, I really struggled with thigh and boob chafing. I pop a little bit of this on my inner thighs, and round the areas I’d normally chafe on my boobs, and I’m ready for the day! I’ve not chafed once since using this! It is amazing! Also, if I am wearing strappy tops or a sports bra, I’ll apply this over my shoulder area and my straps don’t rub at all!! Couldn’t recommend this product enough!’

Rebecca, blogger at @becisnotonfire and becisnotonfire.blogspot.com

'I love a midi and coupled with bare thunder thighs (thank you gin & taco habit), that equals the dreaded chub rub. I can safely say that THIS ACTUALLY WORKS and helps my legs glide together in perfect non-chafy harmony meaning I can live my best midi skirt life without my thighs feeling like they're about to combust! Also, no more sweaty cycling short crotch in the summer (tmi soz not soz!)’

Try the BeYou Chafing Cream!

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