''This is my saving grace, thanks BeYou!''

This week, Sherryl from London, put our new Chafing Cream to the test! Sherryl, a lifestyle and travel blogger and vlogger at Island Beauty and @x_sherryl_x decided to try our all-natural cream in preparation for the upcoming Summer months and she wasn't disappointed by the results! 

So what did she think?

''The sun may have temporarily gone on holiday, but will surely be making its grand entrance soon! One thing I hate during summer is chafing and soreness, but this bad girl right here is my saving grace, thanks BeYou!

It’s 100% natural and vegan with no nasty chemicals and creates a water and sweat resistance barrier to stop the friction which causes chafing and soreness!'' @x_sherryl_x

Sounds good? Find our Chafing Cream here!

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