4 Uses for the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream

Chafing. Chub rub. Saddle sore. For those of us blessed with thighs, the burning friction caused by chafing is something we dread.

Thighs, arms, boobs and even your bum can be plagued by the awful chafe. And not just when you’re a sweaty betty. Chafing irritation can crop up while at the gym, while on your period and especially during hot weather. The BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream has been designed to help you combat all your chafing woes. Here’s how. 

When Aunt Flow comes a knockin’ 

Sanitary towel with red feather

Periods are never an easy ride. Throwing chafing into the mix just makes things even trickier. Sanitary towels can cause friction between the thighs due to the sticky wings on the bottom of the pad. No girl needs that. The BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream can be used while wearing pads protect the irritated skin from the tacky texture of sanitary towel wings. The formula has been designed to create a smooth protective veil over the skin, rather than leave you feeling like a greasy slip ’n’ slide. The 100% natural ingredients also mean it is kind to sensitive skin and can be used wherever you experience chafing

At the gym 

Plus size model standing, crossed arms, dressed in active wear

Keeping active is great for your body and mind. Pumping new blood around your body and stimulating happy hormones really does feel amazing. The friction that comes with it? Not so much. It can leave you feeling uncomfortable, self-conscious and even discouraged from hitting the gym. You should walk into the gym feeling like you can take on the world and chafing should not hold you back. The high performance and long-lasting Anti-chafing formula has been designed with exercise in mind. The protective barrier that lies over the skin will not only last for the entirety of your workout but will also repel any sweat and moisture. 


Travelling woman looking over sunglasses leaning against suitcase

Whether it's a girly beach getaway, or you’re backpacking solo across Europe chafing cannot occur at a worse time than when you’re travelling. You deserve to feel hot as hell when on holiday with your girlfriends. The BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream will not only let you glide across the pool with ease but will also protect any irritated areas and it can even fit in your hand luggage! The natural antibacterial properties in our Anti-Chafing Cream mean it can protect and calm any chafing areas that also may be suffering from sunburn or insect bites.  Who wouldn’t want that on their vacay? 

Hot weather 

Four women sunbathing on a beach smiling and laughing

The chafers amongst us really don’t like summer. The rising temperatures can only mean feeling sticky, sweaty and itchy. The burning sensation that often accompanies chafing can leave your skin feeling itchy, uncomfortable and can even be painful. Enter colloidal silver! Colloidal silver is the wonder ingredient in the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream. Colloidal silver is perfectly safe to use topically and has been proven to kill bacteria on the top layer of the skin. It has also been reported to help the skin regenerate and produce new skin cells. Meaning areas of the skin affected by chafing can continue to repair and regrow whilst being calmed and soothed. Therefore, the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream can fight against the sweat and humidity of summer whilst protecting your skin from any unwanted nasties. Sounds like summer bliss to us. 

Chafing happens to all body types, on any part of the body and any time of the year. The BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream has been designed so you can run, cycle and sunbathe without your skin feeling red-raw. All bodies deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin all day, every day.

We’re all unique in our own way. That’s why the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream has been designed to be multi-use. So you can celebrate your individuality whenever and wherever you like. 

Feeling tempted? Get your paws on the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream! Comment and share this article to tell us about your chafing stories, so all your girl gang can glide through their day

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