"They smell so fresh and they feel so cooling on your skin"

I’ve been suffering from Endometriosis since I was 12, I've had more medication than I could have ever imagined having in my lifetime, painkillers which I shouldn't have to live on, burns and scars from trying to deal with the pain. In January I rested a pack of the Monthly patches and I was sceptical, to say the least.

The first day I tried them I was in complete shock with how much they eased my back pain, they really helped my uterus spasms too. I've had to sit with hot water bottles and plug-in heat packs at my desk before, making it so hard to get comfy or move around, but applying these directly to my skin, without any lumps or bumps help me feel that bit more human whilst trying to deal with this disease. 

Don't get me wrong, I still needed opioids to help manage the pain but the BeYou Monthly Patches have completely changed my bad days. I have been having more good days than bad recently, but I've still suffered from a lot of pains this year in my stomach and back. That's why I knew I had to try the BeYou Monthly Patches when it was released. They are so easy to apply and it's helped with my back pains so much! I no longer smell like a rugby team like I did with heat rub products!

The patches are so easy to apply, the second you open the pack of patches you can smell the all-natural ingredients. They smell so fresh and the patches feel really cooling on your skin. They stay firmly on your chosen area without worry and they peel off really easily too - they don't leave any marks or sticky residue. I have felt like the ingredients have kept working even after I've removed the strips, which is just another reason why I am so glad I found Beyou. 

Honestly couldn't recommend these items enough, I've just restocked on a few packs of the BeYou Monthly Patches as I have a busy few weeks, the CBD rub has lasted me a couple of months already with no need to re-order just yet! I hope this post helps someone find a product that helps them as much as it helped me, I️ just wish I'd of discovered them sooner!

We can't thank our ambassadors enough for trying out our products and spreading the BeYou love. If you have any questions about our BeYou Monthly Patches then you can head over to our FAQ page or message us on our chat or any of our social media

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hayley taylor

Hey, I’m Hayley and I suffer with Endometriosis. I was introduced to BeYou at the start of this year and it has changed my life. Their products help me with my endometriosis, back and nerve pain. After years of putting chemicals and hormones into my body to try live a normal life, using products that are 100% natural and provide relief is an unbelievable feeling.

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