"The menstrual cup is amazing for the environment"

Meet Carys, one of our lovely ambassadors, who very kindly did a review of the BeYou Menstrual Cup ...

My first impression of the cup was that it was a lot softer than the cup I had used previously. The first time I used the BeYou cup I did struggle to get it to open and to get the cup suction into place. The first time I used the cup it probably took me around 10 minutes to get it into the correct place. I also found it rather difficult to break the seal to get the cup out. It did take me a while to get used to taking out my previous cup, so hopefully, over time it will become easier as I am not used to a soft cupRecently I have started a new medical called tranexamic acid to make my periods lighter this has thankfully worked so I don't need to change a cup every 2 hours. I found it interesting that the cup had measurements on it. This would be useful if you suffer from heavy periods like I did, as it is easier to communicate with the doctor if you can give them accurate amounts. Some doctors are not familiar with menstrual cups especially as every brand of menstrual cup can hold a different amount.
Once the cup was inserted correctly, it was comfortable and I couldn't feel the cup at all. Also, the cup can be so much more comfortable in hot weather as it doesn't cause chaffing like pads do. I could also use the menstrual cup up until the end of my period unlike tampons, which can be uncomfortable to remove when you are not bleeding enough as they can sometimes feels like pulling out sandpaper. 

The menstrual cup is also amazing for the environment, as BeYou states it can last up to 10 years. If you bleed for 5 days and you go through 4 tampons or pads a day you are saving 2400 tampons or pads from going to landfill over those 10 years with this menstrual cup. I also like that the cup's stem can be easily cut using the lines as a guide. Personally, I have always had to cut the whole stem off as I have a shorter cervix.
However, if the cup is the right size from the beginning, you won't feel the stem at all The packaging is also really pretty as they have used the brand colours. Also, there is plenty of information on the cup and on how to insert the cup. I found out more ways to insert the cup on putacupinit.com. I am still experimenting with what works best with the cup as I haven't used a soft cup before, but so far I have found the C/U fold to be the most effective way.
We're so glad Carys and our other ambassadors our enjoying the BeYou Menstrual Cup! Can't wait to get your hands on? Get one here! If you still have any questions feel free to check out our FAQ page. We also love hearing what you guys have to say on social media, so feel free to DM us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page.

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carys hill

Hi I'm carys I am 16 years old. I'm currently in college hoping to become a nurse one day. I really enjoy photography and art and I really enjoy traveling ✈📸👩‍⚕

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