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FAQS - Menstrual Cup

General Use

  • 1.Will I be able to feel the cup inside me?
    • No - when your cup is the right size you shouldn’t feel it at all. If you can, simply double check it is inserted correctly.

  • 2.The cup is leaking - what could be causing this?
    • You shouldn’t be experiencing any discomfort or leaks while using a cup. If you do, it is likely positioned incorrectly, so please consult the User Guide which came in the box alongside your Cup, for guidance on how to insert correctly.

  • 3.Is using a menstrual cup messy?
    • Using a cup is no more messy than any other form of sanitary wear such as pads and tampons, but we always recommend removing over the toilet or shower.

  • 4.Can the cup get stuck or lost?
    • It is impossible for the cup to become lost or stuck inside you as it cannot travel than your cervix. If you go to remove the cup and it feels stuck, remain calm (as panicking may tense the muscles) and pinch the base of the cup to break any suction then pull out.

  • 5.Can I use the cup during the night and/or during exercise?
    • Absolutely! You can wear your Cup anytime, including overnight and during exercise.

  • 6.How do I insert the cup?
    • For guidance on how to insert you cup, consult the User Guide leaflet which came in the box with your cup. We’ve chosen the two insertion techniques first-timers find the easiest, but we also have a video on our YouTube channel

  • 7.Is a cup cheaper than using pads and tampons?
    • Absolutely! While initially a Menstrual Cup is more expensive than pads or tampons, if cleaned and stored correctly, they can last for up to a decade!

  • 8.I worry about odour – does this happen when you use a cup?
    • No - this only happens when blood comes into contact with oxygen i.e when it drips onto a sanitary pad. The only time blood will come into contact with the air while wearing a Cup is when you remove it, so no need to worry about odour!

  • 9.How long can I wear the cup for?
    • It is possible to wear your cup for up to 12 consecutive hours (longer than a tampon!) however we advise changing and cleaning at least twice daily to avoid any risk of infection.

  • 10.What is the cup made from?
    • The cup is made from medical grade silicone.

  • 11.Is removing the cup painful?
    • Removing your cup shouldn't cause you any pain, but it may feel a little strange at first as it isn’t folded the same way it was when you inserted it.

Medical and Health Queries

  • 1.I am concerned about Toxic Shock Syndrome, is this still a risk with menstrual cups?
    • Though rare, TSS, is a serious, and in some cases, fatal, disease caused by toxin-producing strains of the staphylococcus aureus bacterium. In order to prevent TSS, or any other infection, ensure you follow the below cleaning hygiene advice when using your cup;

      - Clean your cup thoroughly using the tips in the User Guide

      - Though it can be worn for up to 12 hours without leaks, we advise removing and washing your cup at least every 4-8 during your period 

      - Ensure you always handle your cup with freshly washed hands 

      Never use a menstrual cup if you have had TSS before.

  • 2.I have a pre-existing gynaecological condition - can I use a cup?
    • We would always recommend if you have any gynaecological condition to consult a doctor to check if a cup is suitable for you. We have read lots of feedback from lots of girls who find using a cup really useful as it holds more blood than a tampon and can be used to roughly measure your blood loss.


  • 1.Why are there two sizes of cup available?
    • Your age and birthing history will determine how well the cup fits you, hence the need to create different size cups! While everyone is slightly different, using the guide below should give you a good idea of which BeYou Menstrual Cup to purchase.

  • 2.Which size should I choose?
    • In order to determine the right size menstrual cup for you, follow the handy guide below:

      - If you haven't had children its very easy. If you're under 25 years old, get the medium cup, and if you're older than 25 get a large menstrual cup.

      - If you've had a vaginal birth then get the large menstrual cup.

      - If you've had a caesarean and under 25 years old, get the medium cup, and if you're older than 25 get a large menstrual cup.

Cleaning your menstrual cup

  • 1.How frequently should I empty the cup?
    • Though it can be worn for up to 12 hours without leaks, we advise removing and washing your cup at least every 4-8 during your period.

  • 2.How do I clean the cup?
    • There are a number of different cleansing methods you can use to keep your cup clean;

      - Use our BeYou Menstrual Cup Foaming Cleanser

      - Boil in an allocated pan 5 -7 minutes

      - In a public toilet; use a small bottle of water or simply empty and reinsert ready to wash at a more convenient time 

      Further information on all cleansing methods can be found on the User Guide which comes with the cup.

      Never use the following to clean your menstrual cup as they may damage the cup or cause vaginal irritation;

      - Petrol based substances e.g Vaseline

      - Essential oils

      - Harsh cleaners

      - Strong or scented soaps

      - Dishwasher

  • 3.My menstrual cup seems to be discoloured - is this normal?
    • Yes, over time your menstrual cup may become discoloured but do not worry, this will not reduce its effectiveness. Discolouration can be removed by soaking in sterilising solution.

  • 4.Where should I store the cup?
    • After washing, dry your menstrual cup thoroughly and store in the cotton bag provided. Do not store in a plastic bag or sealed container.

  • 5.How long will the cup last?
    • If following the proper care and storage instructions, your menstrual cup can last up to a decade, however if you notice any tears, splits or any changes in the appearance your cup, we recommend that you replace it.

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