Hand Sanitiser Conference: Steve, Dennis & James. Protects up to 3-4 hours

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"What is this?" And he said, "This is a non-alcohol sanitiser that can last way, way longer, up to hours even, over alcohol hand sanitiser." He started rattling off all these different benefits of why it was better. And this is before the pandemic happened. So gosh, talk about timing.

And, frankly, I was kind of busy doing some other things and fundraising. I didn't really think too much about it. And then look what happened. We got reconnected here. We've been working behind the scenes for at least a couple of months, getting this ready. We're about to do something for people at home.

It's really going to bless them and help them because we have this incredible non-alcohol-based sanitiser. We're going to get into the details of how this thing works. And one of the things we're going to talk about is people say, "Oh, it's got to have 65% alcohol." Well, no it doesn't. And this product's been around for decades.

We have made this product available for the general public and we have got not only a product that pretty much, if you go on the internet or you go to a store, there's a couple of things people can't buy. Toilet paper's in small demand, but the number one thing that's in demand is hand sanitiser. You can't find it. Can't even buy it online.

Well, we're about to change that, folks. This is all scientifically proven and not only are people going to be able to get this amazing sanitisers delivered to their door at an incredible price, but in addition to that, we have what we call a Five to Thrive program. We're going to show you how you can literally, literally, just by sharing this product through Facebook, social media, email, telling people about it, how you can literally earn an extra few hundred or a few thousand or many, many thousands of dollars very, very rapidly.

This is the first product in a series of product launches, including products for survival, all kinds of products that people want today, right now. So, we are actually launching this in May. We'll have preorders available soon, very, very soon.

So, let's get right into this. First of all, I want to introduce Dennis. Dennis, can you tell us a little bit about your background please?

Absolutely. My name is Dennis Baylosis and, for the past 15 years, I have been in the medical device, pharmacological industry, working with companies, hospitals, and doctors, to be able to approve new surgical devices, surgical techniques, and getting them ready for use for the general public. I've also worked in the pharmacological industry, working on different solutions and different applications for the health care field.

The last four years I've spent has been working on this new hand sanitiser that Steve has been referred to. What I found was that whenever looking for hand sanitiser, that there was very small options to us. It was all alcohol-based. Alcohol-based sanitisers work fantastic. They kill 99.99% of the germs that are on your hands.

However, when your hands dry, as you well know, Steve, that alcohol is only good for about two minutes. So then your hands dry. Anything that you touch that has germs on it, you recontaminate your hands. So, you have to reapply the hand sanitiser again. And there's a study that actually shows that we touch our face or around our face around two to 3,000 times a day. And that's the easiest point of entry for any germ, bacteria, or virus is through our face, through our eyes, through our mouth. And hand sanitisers in today's industry are a must to be able to help prevent getting those sickness.

Well, a little bit about this particular product is that it does the exact same thing as alcohol sanitisers. It kills 99.99% of the germs. However, even after this solution dries, it keeps killing those germs that get into contact with your skin.

If you can imagine, Steve, real quickly that once you apply this solution onto a surface, onto your skin, it forms a barrier over your skin that's equivalent to millions of sharp spikes creating on your skin. And what that does is anytime that a germ, bacteria lands on your skin, it pierces the outer membrane of that germ, killing it. And that can be for up to hours. We shed our skin cells every minute of the day and a three or four hour length of time is a safe bet to say that this lasts on your skin before you have to reapply it.

But can you imagine, Steve, a hand sanitiser that doesn't dry out your skin, doesn't have all the harmful effects of alcohol, but does the exact same thing as an alcohol sanitiser, but it lasts for hours. That's what this product does.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Not only can I imagine it, I've been using it behind the scenes here. And I had to go to the bank today and believe me, I used it before I picked up that canister. It's incredible, man. And the timing for this, I mean, it's through disasters that people become wealthy. It's a fact. I mean, a lot of people got rich from the Depression. I mean, a lot of people didn't, but there's a lot of people got very wealthy during the Depression. Every time there's a travesty, it also brings opportunity.

And one of the things that we do is our mission is to help a million families become debt-free. Well, if we can help people to have a product that's in super, super high demand and then release a product line of super high demand products for them all in this space, Savings Highway, it's about saving your finances. It's about saving your life.

Although, disclaimer, we don't say that we help anybody in any way, but here's the fact. People are using this product. It's working. It's amazing. I love it. No dry skin, but man, what an amazing product and what amazing timing.

I want to introduce Dr. James Tindall. I met Dr. Tindall when I was 15 years old. He is a master of many, many things. Jim, what is the name of that term? A poly, what is it?

It's called a polymath.

Polymath. And so the first thing I met Jim with is in Kenpo Karate. I was 15 years old, little, scrawny, a hundred pounds soaking wet. And I was the scoliosis kid with the asthma and skinny, but I met him. I remember the first thing he says. "Well, I have a black belt in Taekwondo also, but I'm going to show you why you don't kick high. Who can kick high?"

And I was always like a Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan movie fan. "I can kick high." I'd done gymnastics. So I kicked at his head and he just reached out and grabbed my ankle and held me up with one arm while he was just talking to the class and kind of nudging a little knees in my ribs and laughing about it.

But then, we had some cap pistols. He said, "All right, let me show you guys some very good self-defence techniques that can really work high percentage of the time."

And I was taking a gun and not getting shot. And it was so much fun. I got hooked. That was 35 years ago. Now I'm 50. I still teach martial arts. Dr. Tindall has an eighth-degree black belt in Kenpo, but he is an expert in many, many things.

Without elaborating on any of them, Jim, can you just tell us some of the topics that you're a master of in the world?

I look at issues in a three-dimensional systems thinking way. I've always been a real physical person, so that was always my draw toward the martial arts and combat, pistol shooting, hand-to-hand combat, these kinds of things, which I'm an expert in. I can shoot targets up to two miles away, pretty easy.

I have four college degrees and I put systems together. I have degrees in statistics, chemistry, physics. I use all of these things to look at different areas. Two of the main areas I've been looking at for a long time had been water security, counter-terrorism, and homeland security issues, and in that was the pandemic.

So I link all of these things together. In the pandemic, I was just teaching a group of PhD students last night and they were asking me what they should expect, which kind of relates to the hand sanitiser a lot actually.

And I'm not sure I should repeat what I taught them because it's kind of scary. We're looking at the first of potentially three waves of a pandemic. I could continue on if you want to know what they are, but it's like, I put all these things together.

Yeah. Let's not. Let's not.


Let's not for not. Let's not. But, okay, Jim. So, I think people get the idea. You're actually the first person to get a degree at the University of Georgia in soil physics. It was so hard. No one else had gotten that degree, right?

Yeah. No one would take the courses because generally, if you have X amount of courses you have to take for a PhD and your dissertation and everything and the research. This degree required twice the number of courses of all the rest. And they're not easy courses. I mean, for example, one of them is physical chemistry, which is probably the toughest course at any university. Yeah. So it was not fun, but I did okay in it, so yeah.

Awesome. Well, and you've also had many, many grad students and so forth. So, I've been very fortunate. Sometimes you just get to learn from one of the best. And that's what happened to me. And I really give a lot of the credit of my success and my confidence and overcoming my physical inabilities to now having a fourth-degree black belt in Kenpo, being an assistant instructor in silat, Indonesian martial arts and owning companies and helping people literally to save and earn millions of dollars throughout the years. I think this is going to be a huge, huge benefit for this.

So, Dr. Tindall, are you excited about this? I know you are, but tell us why are you excited about this particular product at this moment.

Well, it's like we were talking about earlier, it's better than an alcohol-based product because it lasts a lot longer, it doesn't dry out your skin. Actually, it's got three really good properties I like. It's a biocide. That's just the fancy term for meaning it kills harmful organisms like bacteria and et cetera. It's a surfactant. So, that means it's going to stay on your skin longer. And it's also what we call a phase transfer agent. I'm not going to just disclose what the active ingredient is, but a phase transfer agent is just really a catalyst that facilitate the migration of one reactant from one phase to another.

So, what happens in simple terms, is it interacts with the oils and stuff on the skin and the surfactant property helps keep it there. And so, that's why it lasts so much longer and it's going to destroy bacteria better, too.

Yeah. It destroys the bacteria better. And actually it's over a hundred times, if you get the same ... You'd have to use alcohol sanitiser, if you're going to use it every two minutes, it'd be like one bottle of ours would equal over a hundred balls of sanitiser.

So, do you want to protect your skin for two minutes or up to three or four hours? That's pretty awesome. And we do say, "Up to," folks. We don't really like to make claims or anything, but we have scientific proof of what this product does. It's actually parts of the product. The ingredients have been around for decades. What are some of the products that, because people say, "Well, is this safe? I mean, it sounds like microscopic little swords killing bacteria. Is it safe for me?" What kind of products has this been used in over the years?

They've been using the active ingredient or this alcohol-free hand sanitiser in the cosmetic industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. Soaps, disinfectant hand soaps that we use on a daily basis. They also use it in the pharmaceutical industry for contact lens solutions. It's been used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for over 40 years. It just doesn't make any sense why we would use an alcohol-based sanitiser to do the same thing for two minutes, where we could use this product, which has been proven and used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for decades to do it for longer than two minutes for up to three to four hours, as you were saying, Steve,

Wow! Thank you so much. This is powerful, powerful information, folks. I know, for those of you who are just looking like, "I just want to buy sanitiser." I know what you're doing right now. You're saying, "When can I buy this?" And it's going to be very, very, very soon you're going to be able to place your preorders for this amazing launch of this product. Thank you so much, gentlemen.

I want to get into right now the business opportunity side of this, because our mission is to help a million families get out of debt. And there's all kinds of great products and services that we could use to do this, but I've never seen anything that's in this high of a demand that everybody wants and nobody can get right now, but we can. And we're going to be able to supply mass, mass, mass, mass, mass, mass quantities of this product as well.

For those of you who are going to be in the first thousand orders, you're going to be founders of this program and this product. So, you're going to have a chance in the first batch to have a founding position in here. And no one can ever take that away from you. It's very, very powerful.

So let's talk about this. Now, the business opportunity side is only a hundred thousand dollars. I mean 50,000, I mean 10,000. I mean 1,000, a hundred. No. The business opportunity is ... You guys know how much we're charging for the business opportunity? Do you know? No? Free!

Is it free?

It's free. It's free.

So what you're going to do, folks, is a very, very simple process. You're going to make sure you have a SavingsHighway.com account. You are going to need somebody to refer you and you're going to sign up for free. Then, you are going to start referring other people who want to get this sanitiser and other great products that we will release.

You're going to sign them up for free. They're going to sign people up for free, and they're going to sign people up for free. And it's going to go very, very fast.

Now, we are only shipping this product at this time in the United States, but anybody in the world can join and refer people for free. And, if those people buy a product in their back office in their store, or when they buy a product in their store, you get paid.

So, let's go over the comp plan really quick. First of all, we have something that's called Five to Thrive, Five to Thrive for health, Five to Thrive for wealth. Yes. This is a network marketing or affiliate marketing program, but it's absolutely not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. This is absolutely free to join. Nobody has to garage qualify or buy a thousand dollars worth of product or $500 of product to get paid. You can join and not pay a penny, not one penny. And you can go out and get customers and start getting checks. We're paying weekly, weekly. So this is very, very powerful.

So how does the Five to Thrive program work? Well, just think about your neighbourhood. Do you think in your neighbourhood, there's probably at least five people who want hand sanitiser right now, but they don't have it? Do you think there's at least five people? There's probably 10 or 50 or 100 or 200 that want this right now.

I mean, I think of course social networking is going to be a very easy way for you to spread this through Facebook and things like that. But, I mean, a little card on the flag of a mailbox, I mean, I think you can get a lot of customers real quick. So a hand sanitiser that doesn't last two minutes lasts up to three or four hours, doesn't dry your skin out, contains no alcohol, it's better for you.

I know all of you marketers are out there going, "Wow! I've got a window of time here where I could make a lot of money." Some of you are thinking, "Oh, I know a couple of people who would want to. I could probably find at least five people who'd want to get some hand sanitiser right now at a good price," because we're not going to gouge anybody. That's not how we do business at Savings Highway. We provide great deals, great products, great deals, and we share the money.

Some of you are also saying, "Well, I'm a big marketer. I could sign up a hundred people right now. I could sign up a thousand people right now." A lot of you have a thousand people or 2000 people, 5,000 on your Facebook. You know you could go get a hundred sales instantly. At least a hundred free signups.

Just think about this. The Five to Thrive program. Everybody just say this in your brain, "Five to Thrive, Five to Thrive for health, Five to Thrive for wealth," and realize that no matter what product, this is going to be the big product that brings people in, but realize no matter what product it is that we sell inside Savings Highway, whether it be a virtual product, a physical product, a service, if people in your referral network buy, you make money and you're not required to buy anything at all to get paid. And you don't make more money because you spend money. It doesn't work like that.

Again, this is a completely legitimate business. Like Amazon, they have a one or two level affiliate program. You going to have to pay to get in there, I believe. I think you have to pay $50. I could be wrong, but I think so. This is a seven generational unilevel comp plan, unlimited income.

So, if you refer five people, they're on your first generation. If you refer 10, you're on your first generation, you refer a hundred, a thousand on your first generation, you're going to make, listen to this, 20% of the full volume that they buy on a monthly basis, 20% on all of your personally referred members.

Then, when they refer members who buy the product, they'll make 20%. You'll make a 5% override. When those people refer people they know, you'll make a 5% override on those. And those people refer make 5%. And those people are free to make 5%. So it pays. It's a seven generational. It pays 20, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%.

Now, let's do the math. I'm going to give you perfect world scenario. Of course, we're not guaranteeing the income, but we are guaranteeing you we're going to pay you on your sales based on the terms on our website.

So, check this out. Five to Thrive, you make a list or you go to your Facebook and you start pushing this out here. Out of your 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 people, you only have five people that join for free and buy the sanitiser. Pretty low expectation, but let's say you only had five.

So, if you do five, and then they each refer five each. They each refer five each, that's five times five is 25. If those 25 new members refer five each, it's 125. If those 125 refer five each, that's 625. If those 625 refer five each, it's 3,125, I think. If those 3,000 refer five, it's 15,000. If those 15,000 refer five, five refer five for free, who refer five for free, who refer five for free. Why are they coming in? They want to buy the sanitiser or they want to have an opportunity to sell the sanitiser and make money, residual income, or they want both. So, they want to buy it, they want to sell it, or they want to do both. And all you did is refer five and help them refer five each and so on by spreading this message.

When we roll this product out, let's say out of those 60,000 people, that only 10,000 of them purchase this product. Imagine you're making $4 per month on all of your personal referrals and $1 per month on all their referrals and all their referrals and all their referrals. If 10,000 people in that network buy this product on this one product alone, you're making a residual income of over $10,000 a month.

I know you're excited about this and I want you to follow whatever directions we have on the website here to get on the waiting list, to get on the waiting list. But you need to make sure that you are going to be having your free membership inside Savings Highway with your sponsor. You've got to get signed up now and start referring people now.

Let's go back to a really small scenario. Let's say that you introduce a few people here and you have two people that purchase the product. Well, that's $8 a month residual, and then they have two each. That's another $4.

So, if we do it by twos, You got two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64, 128. So two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64, 128. Somewhere around 200 members in the system. So guess what your residual income is? $200 a month.

We're rolling this product out for you folks. I'm not going to tell you how many you're getting yet, but it's more than one, but we're rolling this out for 1,995, 1,995 plus shipping is going to get this amazing product in your hand and you can start sharing it and you are getting more than one, believe me. And they last a long, long time. I mean, it's incredible.

So here's what happens. If you refer three and they just refer three. So three, nine, 27, 81, was it 243, 729, 2,187, something like that? You're looking at a couple of thousand dollars in residual monthly income, Five to Thrive is what I want everybody to shoot for. Five to Thrive, if all five of your referrals buy and all five of their referrals buy and all five of their referrals buy, could somebody possibly become a millionaire with this program?

We have people that have told us, "We're going to run big ads on this and sign up thousands of customers. And all those thousands of customers can sign up their friends and they can sign up their friends." How much does it cost to join? Zero. It's free. Well, you do have to put in your information and create your account. So it's a few minutes of time.

Dr. Tindall, before we close, your final thoughts on ... I'm sure you wouldn't mind making an extra 10 or 20 or 50,000 a month with this, right? What's your thoughts?

Yeah. That'd be really cool. I just think it's a good product and I'll share something I talk with my PhD students about last night. It has to do with what we're facing now. They call it a pandemic, which it is. It's basically a health emergency that takes place and very quickly, which it has done. And it has significant social, economic, and political dimensions to it, which we've seen hold in place and all that. And we're trying to protect ourselves against this. We have the physical or social distancing and things. The problem that we may be facing, is if this gets classified as an influenza pandemic, it will become what we call an extended event and it can come in multiple waves, two to three waves. And each wave would last six to eight weeks. We're in the first wave. We could potentially could be looking at two more waves.

So, anything we can do to protect ourselves, to kill germs or what have you, I think this product would be really helpful for that. I think it's important to stay healthy, whether from a cold or whatever, the healthier you can stay. If you were to happen to get this, the better off you're going to be. And I just think this product will help you stay healthy by getting rid of basic germs and things that you could collect going to stores or your local Starbucks drive-through and what have you. So I'm behind this. I think it's great.

So thank you, folks. And remember, Dr. Tindall is an expert scientist. He's also an expert in CBD and a bunch of other things, just incredible individual to have on the team here as part of the board of this.

So, this is a product that I can foresee that people are going to use often daily and continue to want and continue to use. And I think once the people have it, like I do, I love this product, man. I mean, I never want to use alcohol hand sanitiser again.

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