Hand Sanitiser (Pack of 6 x 500ml)

hand sanitiser
hand gel with alcohol
hand sanitizer
how to use alcohol based hand sanitiser
hand sanitiser
hand gel with alcohol
hand sanitizer
how to use alcohol based hand sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser (Pack of 6 x 500ml)

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70% alcohol hand sanitiser

70% Alcohol

The medical grade alcohol in our anti-bacterial hand sanitising gel is dermatologically tested and approved, protecting your hands when you’re out and about.

hand sanitiser

Easy to Apply

The non-sticky formula leaves hands feeling clean and fresh without affecting your skins natural moisture.

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How to use

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Hand Sanitiser Usage

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser FAQs

  • How fast is delivery on the BeYou hand sanitiser?

    When you buy hand sanitiser it will be dispatched on the same day if you order it before 3 pm. However, our warehouse is closed on weekends so any orders placed on Friday after 3 pm until Monday at 3 pm will be dispatched on Monday at 3 pm. All hand sanitiser purchases are shipped with next working day delivery using Parcelforce, and you'll receive a tracking number as soon as it becomes available.
  • What is the delivery cost for the hand sanitiser and why?

    We kept the cost of our hand sanitiser as low as possible. However, when you only buy hand sanitiser on our website we cannot offer you free shipping unless you order something else. As a small business, we do not have access to cheap shipping rates like other big companies do, but we also do not add a markup on that either. Shipping is £4.50 unless purchased with other products.
  • What is the alcohol content of your hand sanitiser?

    Our hand sanitiser has 70% alcohol in each bottle. We wanted to be on the safe side of the advice given by the World Health Organisation and the UK Government on the recommended alcohol content required for hand sanitiser to be effective during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Are hand sanitisers flammable?

    Yes, many hand sanitisers are safe but they are also flammable because of the alcohol content. However, the fire risks are low when the hand sanitiser is applied properly and enough given time to dry.
  • Can hand sanitiser be left in the car?

    Yes, as long as the bottle isn't open. We always recommend keeping it in a cool dark place though, however, whenever there is a lot of sun or heat, we would advise taking the hand sanitiser with you!
  • What do I do if I get dry skin from using hand sanitiser?

    We always advise using a great moisturiser if you’re having to use hand sanitiser quite a lot!

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