'It's a game changer!': BeYou Chafing Cream

Summer is just around the corner which means the return of the dreaded Chafing Season. Whether you call it chafing, ‘chub rub’, or even ‘saddle-sore’, the friction, which occurs when the salt crystals, left behind from the water from your sweat evaporating grind against the skin, can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially in the warmer months. 

Two of common 'hacks' people use a deodorant and talc. Deodorant is actually made to dry you out, so it doesn’t make a long-lasting chafe barrier. If you're curious as to why that's important for chafing check out this post which helps explains why chafing in a bit more detail. 

While you may not be heading off on a tropical holiday anytime soon, the 100% natural BeYou Chafing Cream, which includes an antibacterial and skin-healing wonder ingredient called Colloidal Silver, is the perfect product to keep on hand for your daily walks, home workouts or trips to the park. Hey, even Grazia just named it as one of their perfect products to ‘prevent the dreaded summer thigh chafing’. But don’t just take our word for it  - we asked some of the lovely ladies who gave the cream a test-run to give us their honest feedback.


 Rebekah, a Body Positivity blogger, at @thebaglifeofbeck 

‘I've always been embarrassed about having thick thighs and with having them follows some major chafing! Especially in hot weather, exercising or wearing sanitary towels (at night time as my periods are ridiculous). But I'm slowly learning to love them because let's admit it, these things take time.
However, I absolutely love this anti-chafing cream. You only need a pea sized amount (yes it covers those beautiful thighs) which turns into a lovely silky serum that smells lovely too!! Honestly it's a game changer!! My thighs are loving the fact they rub against each other now more than ever!!
HOLD THE DOOR - it also contains Colloidal Silver which is naturally antibacterial and skin-repairing. Colloidal Silver’s wonderful healing properties can help the skin heal cuts, abrasions and wounds, leaving you in the safe knowledge that this little cream will save and soothe your skin. Honestly this is an absolute game changer. I love it!’It also works on your UNDER BOOBS!! Major hack seriously, having bigger boobs and because I've not been wearing bras because of lock down this has been a life saver! It's less sweaty and I don't get irritated too!! 

Katie, a Beauty, Lifestyle & Parenting blogger, at @katieflossblog 

‘I’ve always been self conscious of my chunky thighs. My bum and my legs have always been chunky and I have learned to embrace them. They work. They get me around. I am thankful for them. Plus my thighs touching means I’m one step closer to mermaid! 
Downside to chunky thighs though: chafing. That’s where this incredible Anti-Chafing Cream comes to save the day! This literally makes your thighs glide past each other with no pain in sight! If you have chunky thighs you need this!’

 Casey, a Healthy Living and Endo blogger, at @healthylivingcasey 

It’s a little wizard for my chub rub!!  I was kindly gifted this last year but this week has been the perfect time to give it a proper road test!! Now, as I’m sure any woman on here knows, chub rub on the thighs is THE DEVIL! I am actually in shock at how good this product is. A 30-45 minute walk every day this week in the warm sun, in a summer dress (usually I would have cycle shorts or knee length leggings underneath so my thighs don’t get sore) with this cream on and nothing else...NOT A SINGLE BIT OF RUB!
Stock me up, right now!! Honestly, I can’t recommend this enough (& it smells lush). Off to buy some more (well worth the money, I’ve never found the old “Vaseline” or talc to do much) in the hope we get more lovely weather and I don’t have to sweat in leggings all summer!’

Ready to kickstart summer without chafing? Try the BeYou Chafing Cream!

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