How to fight chafing while at the gym

We all have fitness goals and exercise regimes we want to smash, with more people than ever taking up resistance training, cycling, weightlifting and so many other forms of exercise as part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

One thing that might not leave you feeling totally ready for the gym is chafing. Chafing can make you feel so discouraged about going back to the gym. It can happen anywhere and anytime, including between your thighs, arms and bum. Whether you’re taking up hot yoga, running or pole dancing, burning thighs can put a halt on everything! 

Many gym-goers use deodorant, talcum powder and moisturiser to prevent and soothe chafing despite the fact that they are full of chemicals, incredibly messy and don't tackle chafing at the root! With the help of our wonderful BeYou community and some pretty cool dermatologists, we just happen to have on hand your gym bag's new best friend. Everything you’ve ever thought you wanted to change from the other products and solutions you’ve tried, FIXED in one travel-friendly bottle, ready to help you get on with your day (or night). 

Chafing at a microscopic level - what the hell is it?

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Chafing occurs when you get micro-tears in your skin due to ongoing rubbing and friction... however, it gets worse. Much worse! When the water from your sweat evaporates it leaves behind salt crystals on the skin. As you keep moving, the salt crystals grind against the skin. Yes, GRIND! This creates even more friction and leaves the skin irritated and raw. Therefore, when you’re doing repetitive exercises like HIIT, running or dancing, the rubbing motion encourages the grinding friction. 

The BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream is here to change all that - use it to help prevent chafing, and also to help soothe and heal the skin (because you forgot your BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream at home - tut tut!).

Through its moisture-locking matrix of ingredients (more on that in a minute), the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream works to actively reduce friction by helping keep the skin hydrated and preventing those pesky salt crystals from forming.

Moisture-locking technology 

This serves two purposes:

  1. Keeping the skin hydrated reduces the water which is lost due to heat from all that friction, meaning less grinding

  2. When skin is already chafed and sore (or you missed a spot), you need to keep it well-hydrated and moisturised to help it heal quicker. Luckily (well, by design), the other ingredients are all GREAT for the skin and are absorbed really well.

Silver Nano Technology

You live a smart, fast-paced lifestyle. With fit-bits and smartwatches, you want your chafing cure-all to be just as smart. Our Anti-Chafing Cream has been infused with silver nano-technology to calm your saddle sore the intelligent way (‘saddle sore’ you ask? One of our co-founders, Kru, doesn’t like using the word ‘chub rub’). Colloidal Silver is one of nature’s best-kept secrets! Even though it’s been involved in some pretty faddy products in the past, when you look at the science (especially with dermatologists who know a thing or two about research) it is actually AMAZING just how good this completely natural little superstar is for the skin. 

The high percentage of colloidal silver in our anti-chafing cream makes it naturally anti-bacterial, while also aiding in the healing process. Colloidal silver is an incredible healer - but don’t just take out word for it, Granny Smith has been using it for thousands of years!

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Non-greasy lightweight and long-lasting formula?!  

Finally, a non-greasy and lightweight formula which is also long-lasting. Yeah. We nailed it! We can’t take all the credit though, thank our ambassadors, survey responses, focus groups, and teams of testers who said it needed to be that way! 

We get it, you’re a 24/7 kind of girl. Whether it’s a 5:30 am gym class, a twelve-hour day at work or partying all night long, we know you don’t stop. And, chafing knows that too. Baby powder, deodorant and moisturiser just don’t cut it for the most part. Our Anti-Chafing Cream is different. The lighter-than-water matrix (a special blend of olive and coconut oils) allows the other ingredients to be absorbed quickly and easily on to and into the skin. This creates a high-performance anti-friction shield, ensuring it will last through even the most vigorous of physical activity (well maybe not THAT 😉) Although… feel free to test it out and let us know!

Being lightweight means it also lets the skin breathe, so its great for sensitive skin, and means you won’t get a rash like so many other products on the market. 

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Nothing should stop you from reaching your exercise goals. Whether it’s running that marathon, nailing that dance routine or completing the tour de France - we can all dream, the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream is fighting in your corner. Give your thighs some love with the BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream. 

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