'The days of me not living my normal life are gone!'

This week, Mimi from Durham reviewed our Patches on her Instagram page @mimifitmom

''Something a lot of us never talk about is period pain. I have always suffered from bad cramps but they seem to be worse after you spend 9 months pregnant without having to deal with a period! I don’t like to take painkillers so instead I just attach myself to a hot water bottle and become a house hermit for a day or two. When I stumbled across @beyouperiod I couldn’t have been happier and needed to share it for anyone in the same boat!

They are pain relief strips you stick on your body. These 100% natural strips have menthol & eucalyptus oil that slowly gets absorbed into muscles giving pain relief for up to 12 hours! The days of me having to miss workouts or not live my normal life because of period cramps are gone, you just stick the pad onto the area (stomach or lower back) then continue your day being YOU''

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