"It has fitted into my nightly routine perfectly"

Naomi, who is apart of our ambassador family, was kind enough to try and test out our new Sleep Pillow Mist and here what is she thought...

Sleep is really important when one of the symptoms of your chronic illnesses is fatigue! However often the pain that comes with those illnesses keeps you up adding to the fatigue even more! I can spend anywhere between an hour and three hours simply trying to get comfortable and to wind down enough to sleep.

Then once I'm asleep I certainly don’t stay asleep on a good night I wake up once or twice on a bad night it can up to be seven or eight meaning often I only get around four or five hours sleep a night. So I was really excited to try the sleep mist from BeYou as I already use and love their period patches, CBD oil spray and CBD Muscle rub.

As soon as I got the bottle I was in love! Firstly and I know this sounds crazy but the bottle design is really pretty its clean and simple and would fit in on any dressing table. Then there is the smell, I can be sensitive to smell with overpowering scents giving me a headache and feel sick! I certainly didn’t have either of those issues with this mist. I absolutely loved it as soon as I smelt it! All the scents are balanced perfectly which instantly sends your mind to a calm and relaxed place! I seriously considered going and getting into bed in the middle of the day just so I could try it out as soon as I got it! 

It has fitted into my nightly routine perfectly. Once I've had a bath and massaged the BeYou CBD muscle rub into my aching muscles I spray the mist onto my pillow and lie down and take a few deep breaths in taking in the beautiful smell of the mist. The mix of scents is instantly relaxing, I can feel the tension from my body melt away and my mind relax. This mist has been an absolute revelation. It has seriously changed the quality of my sleep. Since I have been using the spray it has gone from taking me over an hour to get to sleep to half an hour and under and I have also been waking up a lot less in the night! 

I honestly don’t know how I managed before I had this amazing sleep mist! Not only has the mist improved my quality of sleep but by improving my sleep it means I am waking up much more rested meaning it has also given me more energy in the day making the chronic pain much easier to deal with! It is yet another absolutely amazing product from BeYou. 

We can't thank our ambassadors enough for trying out our products and spreading the BeYou love. If you have any questions about our Sleep Pillow Mist then you can head over to our FAQ page or message us on our chat or any of our social media

Meet the Author


I'm Naomi, I'm 34 and suffer with both endometriosis and fibromyalgia which unfortunately leaves me in a lot of pain! I was over the moon to find BeYou's amazing products, ethically made and they empower women! When I'm not over sharing I'm normally found cuddled up with a cat, watching rugby or both.

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