Set Your Self-Care Routine

We’ve all said it at least once in our lives (or every day) but, yes, after the year we’ve had, we all need a break! 

Even with the end in sight, it is normal to feel overworked and overwhelmed. Managing stress and anxiety is becoming more important in our routines, and it’s incredible just what a few minutes can do for you.

We’re thinking a casual night in (where else), bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles, and something warm. There’s no better place for a relaxing getaway at the moment than in the comfort of your own bath tub!

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Managing your self-care routine

Self-care isn’t just a simple thought. Self-care is actively developing a routine that cares for your mental, emotional and physical health. It can mean different things to different people, but the main point is to do something that will have you feeling refreshed and at peace.

You may think that you have all this time to yourself now, but that doesn’t mean we’re actually setting aside any time for ourselves! In fact, studies show that an increasing amount of people are feeling stressed and burnt out this year, which is why we actively need to think about our self-care routine.

And we have just the trick! 

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What you will need:

  • 30 quiet minutes
Natural sleep and calming remedies

Step 1: Set the mood

Grab your warm beverage, light those candles and get the taps running! While the warm water and bubble bath begins to fill your tub, you can spritz some of the Sleep Pillow Mist in the air around you, taking in the aromatherapeutic lavender scent. Lavender oil is known to be one of the more soothing essential oils, making it perfect for this occasion! 

Step 2: Bring out the fizz!

Now for everyone’s favourite part! Pick one of your all-natural, vegan BeYou bath bombs and get ready to drop it into the bath! You can do this while you’re outside or already settled in the warm water. 

Drop the bath bomb in and focus on the gentle fizz of the essential oils unravelling in the warm water. Our bath bombs are handmade and completely natural, which is why you won’t find your water stained or dyed after use. 

Each one of our bath bombs contain the finest botanicals of either Jasmine, Orange Leaf, Peppermint or Neroli, depending on which one you’ve chosen!

All-natural vegan bath bombs skincare

Step 3: Mindful rest & relaxation

As is described on your Sleep Pillow Mist: 

Slowly breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds. 

Breathe out through your mouth for 7 seconds.

And repeat. 

Mindfulness is a very common practice for natural stress relief. The task of setting aside any dwelling thoughts and consciously focusing on your senses, triggers a calmer state of mind. 

Both our Bath Bombs and Sleep Pillow Mist are filled with elements that will stimulate your senses: drawing your attention to your breath, skin and the sounds surrounding you.

Natural stress reliever

Step 4: Cleanse the day away

All it takes is 30 minutes of the day, and we all need to bath or shower anyway! Once you’ve settled your body and mind, take the time to wash the day away. You’ll find that the essential oils from the bath bombs are very kind to your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and recharged. 

Remember, just a few calm minutes to yourself each day will do. Step out and prepare to take on the rest of the day with a clear and calm mind! 

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