What is "16 Days"?

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is the gender equality campaign that you have never heard of. The campaign begins on the 25th November every year and runs until 10th December, with each day dedicated to advocating ending gendered violence. 

Where did it all begin? 

The 16 days campaign began back in 1991 by the inaugural Women’s Global Leadership Institute and is now organised by the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership. Now the UN, White Ribbon UK and other smaller charities join together during the 16 Days campaign to campaign ending violence against women and girls. 

What is it called 16 Days? 

This campaign occurs between 25th November, the International Day for the elimination of violence against women and girls, and 10th December, the day of Human Rights. The 16 days in between both of these awareness days are then solely dedicated to campaigning against gendered violence particularly against women and girls. Now in 2019, the campaign now highlights all areas of gendered violence such as domestic violence and abuse, FGM and transphobic and homophobic violence to name a few

How you can participate

Many gender equality and feminist organisations hold their own specific campaign for 16 days. The ‘Orange the World’ initiative which commences on the 25th November, encourages avid social media users to use the colour orange to encourage the conversation on rape and consensual sex. White Ribbon UK, who work with male perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse against female survivors, have asked their followers to share their pledge online to spread the word. Many local women’s centres and domestic violence charities set their own campaigns to raise awareness for the 16 Days initiative, so make sure to do your research and see what local women's charities they are your community. 

Why do we need this campaign in 2019? 

Gendered violence in any form is unfortunately due to the sexist beliefs that still exist today which are at the forefront of certain cultural circles. Despite the fact that we are coming into 2020, The police have recorded a total of 1,316,800 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes in the year ending March 2019. Gendered violence is still prevalent around the world and we need to talk about it. When women, girls and marginalised groups are not seen as equals and are deemed subservient to men then gendered violence becomes even more prevalent. It is only when a community stands as a united front against misogynist violence then women and girls can thrive without contemplating the prospect of them being in physical danger in any area of their lives.

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