Tips For a Better Period with Megan Hallett

This week, Megan Hallett, Women’s Health Expert, Nutrition Coach and Author, shares with us her top tips for a better period! You can now find your favourite BeYou products on Glow Market, Megan’s new wellness marketplace, created specifically with women’s bodies in mind. Megan’s introduction to the health and wellness industry was driven by her own health issues with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances, resulting in a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul.

  • ‘’Be proactive all cycle round! If you want to minimise period pain and diminish any other pesky symptoms that come alongside it, balancing your hormones through stress reduction, stabilising blood sugar, correcting any nutritional deficiencies and supporting your gut and liver health are absolutely key’’

  • ‘’Load up on omega 3. Build your meals around wild-caught oily fish and eggs during your time of the month or consider opting for an omega 3 supplement. Omega 3 helps to suppress prostaglandin synthesis, which are inflammatory hormone-like mediators’’

  • ‘’Grab some magnesium. Most people do well with gentle magnesium supplementation as many aspects of modern-day life leave us deficient. Magnesium supplementation or applied topically in a balm helps to soothe cramps and lower back pain’’

  • ‘’Make a creamy anti-inflammatory turmeric latte to soothe period pain. Combine turmeric with lots of ginger and cinnamon. Add your favourite plant-based milk and a dollop of coconut oil. Don’t forget a crack of black pepper to help with absorption’’

  • ‘’Prioritise rest. The first couple of days of menstruation at least should be spent focused on self-care and rest. Cancel workouts and schedule in time to have a long bath and watch Bridgeton again. Your body is going through a lot, take care of it!’’ 

  • ‘’Optimise your luteal phase. From just before ovulation until menstruation our hormones are fluctuating drastically. We want to support healthy metabolism and detoxification of these hormones through supporting the liver and the gut. Load up on cruciferous veggies, leafy greens and lots of water, try fermented foods and increase your fibre’’

  • ‘’Balance your blood sugar. If you’re prone to energy dips and feeling sluggish during your period, then keeping blood sugar stable is key. Make sure every meal contains protein, fat, fibre and mindful carbohydrates in order of priority’'

  • ‘’Support healthy progesterone levels. A lot of our period problems come from an unfavourable ratio of oestrogen to progesterone. Optimise progesterone synthesis with vitamin C, Vitamin B6, magnesium, reducing stress and eating enough healthy fat’’

  • ‘’Eat the chocolate. Whether you make an adaptogen spiked hot chocolate or keep your favourite bar on hand at all times, chocolate should absolutely make an appearance during that time of the month’’

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