The grossest thing about a menstrual cup! According to you

Okay, so menstrual cups aren’t the newest thing on the block, but you should see the eyes some people make when you tell them that you use one! Like, what? You put what inside of you?

Gross things about menstrual cups

So how are you supposed to fit that inside of you?

Well, if tampons and babies (among other nifty things) can fit in there, why wouldn’t a menstrual cup?

Obviously, you’re not going to just shove it all up in there! Oh no, just like how you’ve got to remember to tug at the string of your non-applicator tampon before you put it in, or pop your applicator out, there’s a trick to this menstrual cup thing too!

Notice how soft and smooth the BeYou Menstrual Cup is? Well this is so that you can fold the cup into half its size and gently slide it inside of you, before it pops open and creates an airtight seal against your lining. This seal keeps it in place and stops it from leaking.

Size of a menstrual cup

It’s incredible, isn’t it? Just how much we can actually fit inside of our vagina! 

Isn’t it going to get, like, mess everywhere?

What, like it does with a pad? Nope, that’s what the airtight seal is there for! 

Period products and menstrual cups

If you were wondering what those tiny holes were on your menstrual cup, this is where you find out! 

No, your cup isn’t broken and it’s not a design flaw (BeYou made sure to research with over 1000s of cup users before designing the menstrual cup, so you can rest assured everything is just as it’s meant to be) :) 

Once you’ve placed the cup inside of you, you can just gently push upwards or slightly pull it lower down, and the cup will unfold and create an airtight seal against your vaginal wall - this is what those small holes are for! They let the air come in and out of your cup, making sure you can create that tight seal, so it won’t budge throughout your day - or so that you can pinch it and break that seal, before removing it entirely.

Menstrual cup size

It’s so BIG!

We can definitely think of a few bigger things that can fit in your vagina, so this statement is in fact just underestimating you and your vagina’s capabilities! 

Remember, your vagina can make space for a baby, as well as a couple of other things… your cup will be fine, but fold it in half first.

Period products | menstrual cup

Ewww, no. That’s nasty!

Excuse me? We’ll just pretend we didn’t hear that. Why is it that we can get behind encouraging period sex, but we can’t get ourselves to feel comfortable about our own blood? 

If you’re scared of seeing pools of your own blood in a menstrual cup, you’ll probably be surprised to know that this is a myth. Women actually bleed a lot less than pads and tampons have us believe! 

This is because the cotton of a sanitary pad or tampon will absorb and cling onto the blood - making it look a lot more dramatic than when it’s inside a menstrual cup. 

We actually only bleed up to an average of 6-8 teaspoons, throughout our entire period.

Why periods aren't gross

Also, who told you that your period blood is nasty? If you had to see someone else bleed anywhere else, on a sports field or in a movie, then it’s fine. It seems that society’s general mentality is supportive when anyone else is bleeding from anywhere else, but a vagina. 

That doesn’t quite add up! We bleed. Everywhere. Whether it’s from our vaginas or a paper cut.

What if the cup gets lost up there?

Think of the first time you tried to stick this little cotton bullet inside of you. Was it all fun and games, then? No, pretty sure it hurt – a lot. Whether you forgot to pull the string out, or it got lost somewhere inside of you, you had the same fears of losing that little thing - and the cup is a lot easier to find, especially once it’s inside of you!

Fitting a menstrual cup inside

Menstrual cups VS pads and tampons

Can you imagine what people thought back when tampons and pads were the newest invention? Surely, they had the same reaction! And yet, here we are.

Say hello to pad-free periods!

There’s no denying that a tampon can hurt! Or a pad can cause such bad chafing, that going commando after a week of being on your period is a serious consideration.

The point is, these products aren’t perfect for us, which is exactly why so many women have switched to the menstrual cup

No more cancellations for your cycle!

A menstrual cup isn’t only going to last for up to 10 years, but it means you’re no longer tied down by your period–ever! Now every season is a swimsuit-reason! 

Save money for the rest of your life

The only price you’ll have to pay for periods is £14.99 and then not another penny for an entire decade! Even better, for £19.99 you’ll get the Foaming Cleanser for even less, included in the BeYou Menstrual Cup Starter Pack.

You’ll be saving around £300 every 10 years, just by switching to the menstrual cup.

An eco-conscious period

We’ve finally created a period product which not only supports your own personal comfort, but also supports the environment and eco-conscious period: a growing concern among the world. We did the maths for you, a menstrual cup can save up to 9.5kg of single-waste every decade, for just one person! Take a look for yourself on our cup calculator at the bottom of the page.

Pad-free periods with the menstrual cup| best period products

Okay, maybe I’ll try it once

Try it once, a second time and even a third time! A menstrual cup isn’t as weird as your mind has you believe it is. It can take a few cycles to find the right fold for you or get the hang of popping that seal, but that’s how it is with any other menstrual product that you’re trying for the first time! 

It’s a switch that can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have the cup you can slowly easy it in with your current routine and see if it’s something for you! It may not be an overnight change, but just don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

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