The Christmas Period: The BeYou Gift Guide

Christmas is the time of year where we all like to give back to the people we love. The anticipation of your mum, sister or bestie opening up their Christmas present to find that gift they have waited so long for, is truly the best part of Christmas. This year, we want to show a little appreciation for all our womb warriors out during the festive period. Here is a rundown on all the period related gifts to buy for your favourite menstruators. 

BeYou Gift Bundles

This Christmas why not give the gift of a pain-free period? PMS is the Christmas present that no one wants to receive. Now with the BeYou Gift bundles, everyone can enjoy 100% natural cramp relief throughout the festive period. Each of our bundles has a little something extra to help you through this time of year. Sleep Pillow Mist & Patch Bundle is perfect for anyone who suffers from debilitating cramps and/or Christmas Eve insomnia. The Balm Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants more targeted relief for period cramps or aches and pain from Christmas wrapping. The Patch & Chafing Cream Bundle is great for your favourite Christmas dancing cream, so they boogie all night long. 

Gifts for bookworms

Why not change up the ordinary bookworm gift for a period book! Being clued up on the menstrual cycle, period care, period poverty etc., is a necessity for any period nerd. These books are a great way to educate young girls on menstruation in an accessible and fun way. Take it to your book club and discuss with your gal pals the wonders of the female body and how amazing periods really are. Here are just some of our recommendations: 

Gifts for gamers 

Who doesn’t love a party game during the Christmas period? So why not buy your favourite menstruator a period card game. Call it gross or crude but we think the Cards Against Humanity Period expansion pack will have you and all your womb warriors howling with laughter. Normalising periods is the only way to stop menstrual stigma for good. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more PG for your younger female relatives then check out The Period Game. It’s an interactive board game for young girls and boys to play, so they can learn about menstruation in a fun environment. As tongue and cheek as these games are, both games just show the demand for wanting to break the period taboo! 

Gifts for art lovers 

Period art has boomed over this past year. Why not gift this hilarious period print by Natalie Byrne to one of your girlfriends this Christmas to spruce up their room. Natalie’s playful art is sure to brighten up anyone of friends and family’s faces during the festive period. Supporting artists like Natalie Byrne who create feminist/period positive art is a great way to start the conversation amongst your nearest and dearest menstruators.

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