The BeYou guide to using a menstrual cup for the first time

Congratulations! You’ve made the switch to the BeYou Menstrual Cup and we’re so excited for you. Now that we're spending so much time at home this is the perfect opportunity to try a menstrual cup! You might feel a little lost about how to get started but don’t worry we have created this step-by-step guide to help you through your first time using a menstrual cup.

Step 1: Sanitise your cup

Even before you try using your menstrual cup you need to sanitise it. Why? To make sure your new cup is super-duper clean. You can do this by putting your cup in a saucepan of boiling water for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can pop your new cup in a microwaveable container, making sure it’s submerged in water. Pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes et voila, your cup is sanitised. Once it has cooled down give your cup one last clean with your Foaming Menstrual Cup Cleanser and you’re ready to use it. 

Step 2: BeYou says relax 

It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous about using your cup. We can firmly say your cup will not get lost, your cup will not get stuck and yes, it will fit. With that in mind, it’s best to go in with a positive attitude making sure you’re relaxed. Find a quiet space where you know you won’t be disturbed.

We recommend practising in your bathroom before you’re about to have a shower or bath. Relaxing your muscles before inserting your cup will mean there will be less resistance when you insert it. If you’re practising with your cup when you’re on your period pop a towel down so you don’t have to worry about making any mess. 

We have also included a handy how-to-use guide with your menstrual cup that has everything you need to get started, so there really is no need to worry about using your cup for the first time!

Step 3: Find your fold

A menstrual cup might look a little intimidating but our cup is designed to be just as comfy as any tampon. The BeYou Menstrual Cup is made from super soft medical grade silicone so folding and inserting is easy-peasy. When it comes to folding your menstrual cup there is a wide variety of folds for you to choose from. You can check out our Youtube channel to find out which fold is best for you. Here is a quick look at the popular ‘C’ fold. 

Take your cup, fold it in half so that the rim forms a C or U shape depending on how you are holding it. Once you have practised folding the cup a few times you’re ready to insert it. 

Step 4: Insert your cup

Many of you might be switching to a cup because you’re sick of the scratchy/dry feeling that comes with inserting and removing tampons. The beauty of the BeYou Menstrual Cup is that it doesn’t absorb any of your natural moisture, unlike tampons. However, there is no harm in applying a small amount of lube to your vaginal entrance and the rim of the menstrual cup to ease it in. 

Hold your folded cup between your finger and thumb with the ‘C’ shape entering your vagina first. With your other hand at the entrance to your vagina, guide your cup inside like a tampon. Make sure the whole cup is inserted, including the stem, then run your finger around the cup to make sure it has opened.

If your cup is still folded when it has been inserted it won’t be able to catch all of your menstrual blood. To help it to open you can twist your cup, press on each side or gently pull on the stem. Now your cup is open you can keep it in for up to 12 hours. We recommend using it for between 4-8 hours. 

Step 5: Remove your cup 

Again you might be a little worried about removing your cup but trust us YOUR CUP WILL NOT GET STUCK. The BeYou Menstrual Cup forms a vacuum seal against your walls that’s why you can’t just pull it straight out of your vagina. First, you need to break the seal. You can do this by inserting your finger along the side of the cup or by pinching the base of your cup between your thumb and forefinger. Then gently squeeze your cup and the seal shall be broken. 

Don’t worry if you can’t reach the cup the first time around, this is very common. To move your cup downwards you can gently pull down on the stem or push down with your pelvic muscles until you can feel the base of your cup. 

Once you have your cup between your fingers, slowly wiggle it from side to side making sure that your cup is pointing upwards as to not spill any blood. Then slowly remove the cup from your vaginal entrance and tip the contents into the toilet. Rinse your cup under cold water with your BeYou Foaming Menstrual Cup Cleanser. Then reinsert it like normal and you have successfully used your menstrual cup. 

Top tips 

  • Practise, Practise, Practise! 
  • If you’re a cup newbie practice is key. We recommend practising using your cup when you’re not on your period. That way you will be a cup expert by the time your period arrives.

  • Find the right size…
  • In order to determine the right size menstrual cup for you, follow the handy guide below:

    - If you haven't had children it’s very easy. If you're under 25 years old, get the medium cup and if you're older than 25 get a large menstrual cup.

    - If you've had a vaginal birth then get the large menstrual cup.

    - If you've had a caesarean birth and are under 25 years old, get the medium cup and if you're older than 25 get a large menstrual cup.

  • Take care of your cup 
  • Never use the following to clean your menstrual cup as they may damage the cup or cause vaginal irritation;

    - Petrol based substances e.g Vaseline

    - Essential oils

    - Harsh cleaners

    - Strong or scented soaps

    - Dishwasher

    Switching to a menstrual cup is a great way to get to know your flow and body a little better. The BeYou Menstrual Cup’s 12-hour leak-free protection means you can use your cup anytime, anywhere. Its super soft medical grade silicone means that it will mould to suit your body shape so you can have a convenient and comfy period. If you have any questions about our menstrual cup please feel free to contact our team via the web chat or on any of our social media. 


    And, if you're stuck at home during a lockdown at the moment, find out why its probably the best time to try a menstrual cup!

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