Period Sex? Why?

BREAKING NEWS: Women feel horny whilst on their periods! Why is that such a bad thing? Who knows! 

Getting down and dirty on your period is entirely normal for so many people! In fact, having sex on your period can help ease period cramps! After reaching a climax, the sharp rise in dopamine will help relieve menstrual pain.

Why you are more aroused on your period

It’s not surprising in the least that many women feel horniest whilst on their period. Some research has indicated that feeling horny during your period can be linked to the changing levels of estrogen (what’s making you feel so aroused) and progesterone (the uterus’ midwife). Estrogen increases your libido and starts to climb as your period starts, while levels of progesterone (the hormone that takes the baby-making process quite seriously) drops when you start your cycle. 

So in between all the bloating, period cramps and empty chocolate wrappers, your body begins to say hello

Many women also feel horniest during the ovulation period of their cycle, just before your period starts, because your hormones are telling your body that now is the time to fertilise your eggs and make a baby. 

Either way, it doesn’t matter when you feel aroused the most. What’s important is that you don’t let your period stop you from doing you (or someone else). 

Period sex and menstrual cup

Is period sex messy?

Many women are apprehensive about suggesting period sex to their partner because of the blood. Unfortunately, due to period stigma, the myth that periods are gross and uncleanly still exists. In reality, this simply isn’t true. Yes it may be messy, and your partner may see some blood, but you can just place a towel down instead, pop in the wash afterwards and the blood won’t even be an issue. 

If anything, it’s such a plus! Why? Because there is no need for lube during period sex. The endometrial tissue and menstrual blood are a natural lubricant for penetrative sex. 

Now if this news is opening up new doors to your sex life, you may have a flurry of questions running through your mind right now! Well, we’ve made sure to cover them all.

How to have safe period sex on your menstrual cycle

Stay safe: period sex and birth control

First thing’s first, we need to bust some myths. While it’s okay to have sex while on your period; it won’t protect you from falling pregnant or STI/STDs. Whether it’s oral sex or penetrative sex; research has shown that the rates of STI’s are much higher for period sex than non-menstrual sex.

Continue using your suitable birth control method, just as you usually would with sex. Sorry to break it to you, but a Menstrual Cup isn’t birth control, also–ouch! Condoms are also a safe birth control method and can protect your sexual partner from getting blood on them. 

How to have sex on your period

If up until now you didn’t know that you can have sex while on your period, then we welcome you aboard! You don’t need the latest issue of Cosmo to get your hands on these tips!

Be Prepared 

Although period sex is in no way disgusting, it’s still good to make your partner aware that it is that time of the month. Not that they think something has gone terribly wrong later.
Make sure to grab your period sex essentials (i.e. towels, lube and condoms) and have them nearby beforehand – this will take the fear of making a mess off your mind, allowing you to enjoy it like any other moment! And then there’s not much cleaning left to do afterwards either! Or you can always just have sex in the shower if you’re worried about the mess.

Try new things!

Don’t be scared to try out a new position! Sex on your period gives you more of a lubed-up feeling - so positions that may usually be off the cards may go smoother now!

If you aren’t in the mood for penetrative sex, you can still enjoy oral sex whilst riding the crimson wave. Simply pop in your old favourite, the BeYou Menstrual Cup and enjoy period oral sex without the mess. 

You’re sexy and you know it

You have every right to have the sex that you want, and you should never feel ashamed about that: period or no period. Open up the conversation to your partner and express your sexual needs to them. If your partner is ‘disgusted’ by period sex, it may help discuss why and overcome those together–if both of you feel comfortable doing so.

Experiencing bad period pains and cramps

Period sex and period pain

The Big O helps release a chemical reaction that can help ease debilitating menstrual pain when you’re on your period. However, until you get there, it’s still normal to feel a little achy during period sex. Pop a BeYou Patch on and let our discreet and long-lasting patches do some of the dirty work, while you ride the crimson wave.

Whether period sex is something for you or not, it’s there, and it’s happening! Your period is not something to be ashamed of whether you’re sharing it with the world or your partner.

Let us know if it’s something you’ve felt ashamed of in the past! Feel free to share, comment and save this blog post for when you need it most! 

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