Pad-free Periods: Menstrual Cup vs Pads

If you’re an avid-pad user then you know all about the fear of leaks and stains. Which is why switching to a menstrual cup will have you saying au revoir to those menstrual traumas and that inner-thigh chafing left by a sanitary pad!

Specifically designed to take the natural shape of your vaginal canal, the BeYou menstrual cup is a soft and flexible menstrual product, that offers even safer and better period-protection than ever before! It’s the better option for you, your body and our environment!

The menstrual cup fits in with you & your day too!

The wonderful thing about the menstrual cup is that it’s made for every single day: whether you’re on your period or not!

Neither you, nor anyone else will even know you’re wearing a cup!

BeYou surveyed and worked with over 1000s of cup users to find the perfect shape, fit and feel for a menstrual cup! Which is why you’ll find that the super-soft and flexible BeYou Cup easily fits in and takes the unique shape of your vaginal lining, making it the best cup for beginners to use.

Best menstrual cup for periods

Don’t cancel. Period.

Once you’ve got used to using a menstrual cup, you’ll realise how many times your period interrupted your weekly plans! Go on that date! Go swimming! Go do some yoga and just let the menstrual cup fit right in!

Goodbye granny panties!

If there is one thing you can’t put a price on, it’s feeling confident. And who feels confident in a cotton diaper? 

The menstrual cup wouldn’t even hint that it’s inside of you! Even if you’re more likely to find us sitting on the sofa, under a cosy blanket in loose trousers: it’s about having the choice when you want it.

period pants vs menstrual cup

Farewell to that smell

If there is one thing that a pad is known for, it’s the smell! A menstrual cup won’t give off a strange smell, like the strong odours you get from a menstrual pad. This is just because the blood inside a menstrual cup isn’t exposed to as much air as it is on a pad. The silicone of a menstrual cup is odourless, which won’t give off much of a smell when cleaned regularly

Are pads or menstrual cups safer to use?

If you’re comparing the two most commonly used sanitary products to each other, like pads and tampons, then your first thought might be that a menstrual cup is more alike to a tampon, because of how you insert it. However, this is untrue, as with the major advances made within the medical industry, a menstrual cup was designed quite differently, to tampons or sanitary pads.

Pads and infections

Pads can cause infections

Even though pads are placed outside of your vagina, pads still have the same characteristics as a tampon: both of these sanitary products absorb the menstrual fluid, keeping it open and exposed to your body. 

This is why you need to change your pad or tampon every 4 hours at a maximum, as this open exposure can lead to a growth in bacteria and can lead to infection or irritation by throwing off the natural balance of your vaginal pH levels.

Medical-grade silicone: what is this fancy word?

The BeYou Menstrual Cup is made from a medical-grade silicone, meaning that it is free from toxic chemicals, dyes or bleach that can cause a reaction to your skin. 

Medical-grade silicone basically means that this material has been tested and is compatible with living tissue. Medical-grade silicone has been cleared to be used in medical equipment, making it that added bit safer than cotton, or organic cotton in pads or tampons.

The sterile medical-grade silicone in the BeYou Menstrual Cup, leaves the natural balance of your vaginal pH levels undisturbed. This is why you can wear a menstrual cup for up to 8-12 hours at a time; fitting in with your daily routine!

Menstrual cups are better for our environment and your wallet

Nowadays it’s not only our bodies that need to be protected, but our environment too! Just one menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years at a time! Compare that to your pad usage, that’s 9.5kg of waste, saved every decade–by one person! Not to mention the £180 you save with each menstrual cup that you use, if you use our menstrual cup calculator to work it all out.

Environmentally friend period products | BeYou menstrual cup

Urgh, but blood!

If you’re worried about a mess, then your worries are already behind you! Nothing is messier than cleaning up a pad that leaked! 

Your blood doesn’t look any different inside of your cup as it does on a pad.

If anything, a pad makes our period look a lot more dramatic than it really is (you’ll be surprised by how little blood we actually lose, once you switch to using the BeYou Cup!)

Cleaning the mess of a pad is very much the same as cleaning your menstrual cup. If you’re in a public toilet, you just need toilet paper to give your cup a wipe, or use the BeYou Foaming Cleanser. If you’re at home, you can wash it out in the basin with some cold water and your BeYou Cleanser. You only need to boil your cup after every cycle, making it clean and ready for your next cycle! 

Menstrual cup vs pads

It’s not a menstrual cup, it’s a mindset

The menstrual cup is more intimate than pads and can take up to 2-3 cycles to get used to, which is a little longer than usual sanitary products. It goes along with getting to know yourself and your body, which is actually a great deal as to why so many have turned to menstrual cups!

You can always give the menstrual cup a try, and if it’s not for you, then at least you know! 

It goes beyond just supporting you on your period, using a menstrual cup is a step closer to getting to know yourself a little more–on a level that is commonly left unexplored!

Woman using menstrual cup happier

These are one of the many and honest reasons why so many women have turned to our soft and reusable menstrual cup and we’re here for every step of the way! 

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