Moon Cup vs Menstrual Cup

Moon cups, period cups, menstrual cups. They come in so many different sizes, shapes and colours and now they have so many names. It can be a bloody minefield trying to choose which cup is best for you.

That’s why BeYou is here to make it simple. We’re here to break down what the differences between moon cups, period cups, menstrual cups and demystify your menstrual cup confusion. 

Why are they called moon cups

The moon and menstruation have long been coupled together. The moon and the lunar cycle have often been used as symbols and femininity and fertility. The changes in the lunar cycle have been said to mimic and dictate the changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some people even claim that there are two phases to the menstrual cycle: the white moon and red moon phase. In fact, the word ‘menstruation’ comes from the Latin word ‘mensis’ which means ‘month’ and relates to the Greek word ‘mene’ which means ‘moon’. Despite the shared etymological origins of menstruation and the moon, they are sadly not scientifically related. 

However, this urban myth has had a significant impact on how we think about menstruation and what products we use during our periods. 

A brief history of the menstrual cup

In our ‘The history of the menstrual cup’ blog, we explained how the humble menstrual cup has been around since the 1860s. The original Tassette cup wasn’t embraced with open arms during the late 19th century. However, there has been one brand that has managed the test of time: Mooncup. Like the infamous Hoover, Blu Tac and Sellotape, Mooncup’s name has become so synonymous with the product itself, many consumers use the word ‘moon cup’ to describe all menstrual cups. Mooncup’s powerful story of two women joining together to find an overall kinder menstrual product, not just for themselves, but for other women, has paved the way for the menstrual cup market and pad-free periods

So what do you call it? 

Well, whatever you want! Menstrual cups are as diverse as the menstruators who use them. There are so many hundreds of brands, from an array of countries that there really is something for everybody out there. Whether you say moon cup, menstrual cup or period cup, starting the conversation is the most important factor. Talking to our loved ones about periods and what period products work best for them is paramount in tackling the stigma surrounding menstruation. Menstrual cups or moon cups, allow women to take ownership over what products they use during their period. Period cups offer women even more choice amongst the menstrual health product market. They are kind to the planet, to our pockets and our vaginas! You really can’t ask for anything better. 

Do you say moon cup, menstrual cup or period cup? Comment below and let us know! Remember to share this with your girl gang on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get them all hooked on menstrual cups.

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