Is Colloidal Silver safe?

There is a lot of confusion around whether Colloidal silver is safe to use. Despite the back-and-forth on this mineral, there are many benefits to using this type of silver, particularly for the skin. Today we want to set the record straight on this handy mineral and answer the hotly debated question, “Is Colloidal silver safe”. 

What is Colloidal silver?

Although it might sound super complicated, Colloidal silver is actually made up of tiny metallic silver nanoparticles. Why is this important? We’re glad you asked that. Because the particles are whole this means they can’t mix with any other elements, unlike other silver compounds which stick to surrounding particles. This means they can’t dissolve inside the human body, while Colloidal silver can.

Another fun fact for you: the smaller the silver particle is, the greater the surface area, the more effective it is at doing its job. We found this example from Silver Colloids to be really useful:

“To better understand the effect that particle size has on the surface area we will consider a U.S. Silver Dollar. The silver dollar contains 26.96 grams of coin silver and has a nominal diameter of 40 mm (1.574 inches). The total surface area of a silver dollar is approximately 27.70 square centimetres. If the same 26.96 grams of coin silver were divided into particles 1 nanometer in diameter, the total surface area of those particles would be 11,400 square meters which are equal to 122,708 square feet or 2.817 acres. When the amount of coin silver contained in a silver dollar is rendered into 1 nm particles, the surface area of those particles is 4.115 million times greater than the surface area of the silver dollar.”

So make sure when buying a product with the Colloidal silver that it has teeny tiny particles to see the best results. In fact, we made sure that the Colloidal silver we used in on our Anti-Chafing Cream was super small. Just check out this report: 

There are many ways that Colloidal silver is used today including as an oral supplement and as well as in skincare, makeup and even anti-chafing products. But is it really safe to use? 

What is agyria?

There has been some research to show that using Colloidal silver orally can cause agyria. We can assure you agyria, although it sounds like it, isn't an alien planet but it can make you look like a little ‘extraterrestrial’. This condition is where the tissues and mucous membranes (gross) give the skin a greyish appearance. Although some research suggests it isn’t reversible it’s described as “medically benign” or in layman’s terms, not medically dangerous. We would say though that turning grey wouldn’t be the cutest look. 

So, is Colloidal silver safe? 

The answer is yes - in topical products. Colloidal silver has been used in homoeopathic remedies for centuries and for a very good reason. This essential mineral has been known to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as well as helping the skin heal itself. That’s why Colloidal silver is often used in treating wounds and infections. Colloidal silver has been known to have a high bioavailability or rather it can travel to your bloodstream incredibly fast. This is what gives this little mineral its antimicrobial properties as it really is a fast mover. 

We chose to use Colloidal silver in our Anti-Chafing Cream for exactly that. Rubbing thighs or chafing not only leaves your skin feeling incredibly sore it can even lead to tears and small cuts in the skin which is clearly not ideal. Other chafing ‘remedies’ such as baby powder and deodorant contain harmful chemicals which are not only dangerous to your skin but also human health. Colloidal silver will not only help the skin heal those annoying chafing cuts but it will also make sure no nasties can live on the skin. Say goodbye to chafing thighs with the power of  Colloidal silver! 

How much Colloidal silver do I need? 

What might surprise you, is that there is no true dosage for Colloidal silver because your immune system doesn’t naturally produce silver. We recommend using Colloidal silver in topical treatments to make the most of its amazing natural properties. If you have any concerns about incorporating Colloidal silver into your daily life, we recommend speaking to your GP to see if it is right for you. 

Colloidal silver can be a great addition to your self care routine. Its natural healing properties and its ability to fight bacteria on the skin make it a pretty powerful mineral. Although there is some scientific evidence to suggest that maybe it isn’t the best supplement to take orally, it may very well be your skin’s new bestie. If you have any questions about this blog then please message us via our web chat or message on our social media, we would love to answer your questions.

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