Can I use a menstrual cup if I have an IUD?

Menstrual cups make your period so easy to manage. Their 12-hour leak-free protection means you can forget about changing your sheets every night and the medical grade silicone is incredibly hygienic without messing up your pH balance. But can you use one if you have an IUD? 

What is an IUD? 

IUD, or the Coil, is a type of contraception. They can last for around 5-10 years and look like a small ‘T’ when inserted into the body. An IUD is inserted into the uterus and its small string comes down just outside of the cervix. 

There are two types of IUDs: copper IUD or a hormonal IUD. The first type of coil contains copper which is a natural spermicide and the second type usually contains a small amount of progesterone which prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg. Both types of IUDs are over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. 

A lot of women think you can feel an IUD after it's inserted, but just like a tampon or cup, you can’t feel it if it has been inserted properly and if it’s in the right position. So many women choose this form of contraception because it is a long term option as they don’t have to think about replacing it frequently. However, some women are concerned that they can’t use a menstrual cup if they have the Coil. 

Can I use a menstrual cup if I have the Coil? 

The short answer is yes, you can! The main worry that women have about using a cup with an IUD is dislodging it. The beauty of a menstrual cup is that it sits low in your vaginal canal while the IUD sits in your uterus. It must be said there is no scientific evidence to suggest that menstrual cups dislodge IUDs. In fact, one study found that women who use tampons or menstrual cups don’t have higher rates of IUD expulsion than those who don’t!

Speak to your doctor 

Like anything else to do with your periods, it’s always best to speak to your GP if you’re concerned about your Coil. After you have had your IUD fitted we recommend waiting for 2 cycles before you start using your cup because your IUD is more likely to be expelled during the first few months after insertion. Once you’re in the swing of things with your Coil then you can start using your cup

Breaking the seal

You’ve probably seen a couple of horror stories on the internet about someone dislodging their IUD while removing their menstrual cup. This can happen if you don’t break the vacuum seal that the cup creates against your walls. However, removing a menstrual cup is very easy. Simply press your finger against the side of the cup and gently push so the cup comes away. Then pinch the base of the cup and wiggle your cup from side to side as you slowly remove the cup. Practise always makes perfect with cups so make sure you practise using your cup a few times before your period starts. 

Why choose the BeYou Menstrual Cup

Women who have IUDs are often concerned that a firm cup may dislodge their IUD. Although this rarely is the case, we made sure our Menstrual Cup is super soft and flexible so removing it is incredibly easy and all women, no matter what their contraception, age, flow etc., can safely use it. We even asked a small focus group of women, including complete beginners, to use our Menstrual Cup and tell us what they thought. Many of the participants had used firmer cups in the past which simply didn’t work for them but have now fully switched over to our Menstrual Cup after being delighted with how easy it was to use!

If you have any questions about menstrual cups please feel free to contact our team via the web chat or on any of our social media.

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