Would you recommend someone doing a New Year's resolution around EDs?

I would say with New Year's resolutions, actually, you can set resolutions or goals at any time. Don't feel that overwhelming pressure to have to just do it in the New Year.

The second thing is don't get pulled into kind of all the diet culture goals that are often set in a year with people kind of going on crazy mad diets and kind of mad over exercise regimes which are not going to be sustainable.

Make sure you stay well clear of that. And if you do want to set some goals, maybe think as well about the bigger picture of your values and what recovery from an eating disorder really means.

So it could be like making goals around, having more freedom, more spontaneity, being able to do activities that you want to do, maybe go out for meals, maybe spend time with friends, maybe go travelling outside of COVID focusing on that bigger picture because that can really help with motivation to change.

And of course, if you want to set some goals around eating disorder behaviours, maybe reducing them, reintroducing more food stopping, weighing all those things can be helpful, too.
Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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