With IBS, what causes/triggers an upper stomach to be upset?

With IBS, what causes or triggers an upper stomach to be upset? And how can I ease upper stomach that discomfort.

So I think with that question, I was maybe a little bit unclear about what upper stomach upset was. There are many of the many symptoms that this person may be suffering from, such as bloating, heartburn, nausea, indigestion, and so depending on those, you might have different approaches.

Generally with IBS, the most common causes of that are something called SIBO, small intestinal bowel overgrowth, a gut dysbiosis, which is where the gut flora is out of balance, stress or anxiety and food intolerances.

So it could be any of those which is, of course, they are very common causes of those type of symptoms. And I would advise the person to see their GP just to rule out anything else. And then if the diagnosis is irritable bowel syndrome, there are many things you can do I find particularly effective is nutrition.

So seeing a registered nutritionist herbal medicine can also be very effective. So you're seeing a qualified medical herbalist or a functional medicine doctor who can guide you through tests as well. So you may want to be looking at food intolerance tests, managing stress, looking at the gut microbiome.

All of those might help you to understand what the underlying cause is. But first of all, please see your GP just to make sure that there's nothing more serious underlying.

Dr Sally Moorcroft

Specialist in Integrative and Functional Medicine

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