Will you teach me self-help techniques?

When I work with people, I teach them a lot of self help techniques. And one of the simplest being, but really super effective, soothing the nervous system is breathing techniques that get your gut into a state of rest and digest where you're activating something called the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body's lovely, calming part of the nervous system.

7/11 technique is a technique that you can look up where it is an inward breath through the nose and an outward breath through the mouth for eleven.

So whenever we have a longer, slower exhalation, that is a signal to the nervous system, that all is okay. So it brings everything back into this lovely state of calmness and that in itself, can make quite a profound change to the digestive system.

So that's one really super simple technique that's that you can learn and use checking that your belly breathing and not chest breathing, and that can really help.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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