Will physio help with hypertonic pelvic floor?

'I have difficulty with urinating with a hypertonic pelvic floor and don't know what will help me to go to the bathroom during these times.'

First of all, I think you definitely probably need to go and see a pelvic health physio to assess your pelvic floor and if they've assessed you and said that, what have they done to help address it?

What other things could be causing that and make sure there's no other sort of serious cause for you to be in that kind of contraction, unable to relax your pelvic floor completely to urinate because if you go into bladder retention, that's a serious problem. So you need to get medical attention for that.

Pelvic health physio generally can help if you go through someone, they get good history. They do a bladder diary with you. They'll assess your pelvic floor as well, and generally for you, trying to help relax your pelvic floor will be really beneficial. So if you can contract your pelvic floor and then try to relax that you feel it letting go, and that might be all you need to do.

You might not need to do any kind of contracting exercises. It may be deep breathing, relaxing, letting go and visualizing that. Other things that can help is once you get the hang of relaxing your pelvic floor, you can use something called binaural beats or some sort of music where you wear that and it can help you tune in to just relax your pelvic floor or a certain smell.

So if you have a certain essential oil that you use. Lavender oil, for example, relaxing one, pop that on some tissue, smell that do some deep breathing get to relaxing. And once you get the hang of that, you can practice that on the toilet.

Another thing that may help you probably tried, but maybe just put a bit of gentle pressure over your lower abdomen and then leaning forward but never straining. Try not to strain with your bladder because it doesn't work like that.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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