Will pelvic health physio help with vaginal health?

'I am experiencing vaginal itching, frequent need to urinate, feeling of needing to urinate and pain during intercourse. I have been tested for UTI yeast infection, BV, and other STDs. All the results come back negative. Could pelvic health physio help me?'

Yes. Actually, I believe it could do if you see the right pelvic health physio.

You may have something called bladder pain syndrome, where the bladder becomes hypersensitive to urine and you have a long, low grade infections. Although you've been tested for UTI, it may have been hidden, it's really hard to say without seeing someone specific.

And you want someone with pelvic health that's got a good MDT, which means multiple disability team around them so they can refer you to other people if that's needed as well. Another really good pelvic health physio has done loads and loads of stuff about this. I've done her course it's called Jilly Bond, and she's brilliant. So I would look at her website. She's got loads of videos, loads of free resources. And that may be a good place to start.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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