Will birth control help with my PFD?

'For the past several months, my pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms have flared around the time of ovulation, and during my period, the symptoms aside, do you think that starting birth control or contraceptive could actually help reduce or eliminate the symptoms?'

I would firstly recommend cycle tracking. It's probably one of the most powerful tools that you can do as a woman if you're cycling or if you identify as a male or a female, but you have a womb and you have periods. Menstrual tracking is really important and key to your health, because then you will know other factors that can cause pain around that time.

With ovulation, looking at your stress levels, looking at what you've been eating, drinking, sleep, exercise, all of those kinds of factors and how they actually come out in your menstrual cycle, whether it be ovulation or around your period going on the oral contraceptive pill is a really personal choice, and something that sometimes can hide symptoms because it actually stops you ovulating.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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