Why does following a low FODMAP not work for everyone diagnosed with IBS?

Why does following a low FODMAP diet not work for everybody?

Well, I guess the simple answer to that is that there's nothing that works for everybody. We're all unique. Everybody is different. Everybody with IBS is different and their body responds differently.

So it's great that there are other ways of working. The gut becomes hyper sensitive and hyper reactive with IBS, and so sometimes even making changes through the low FODMAP diet, there can be such a state of heightened gut sensitivity that it is pretty much reacting to everything and anything that you're putting into it.

And so if the low FODMAP diet doesn't work, then gut directed hypnotherapy is a great alternative because it's all about reducing and calming that sensitivity. And in doing that allows the gut to be able to tolerate a much wider variety of foods.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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