Who can I reach out to for support with endo?

There are a lot of places set up to offer support to people with Endometriosis.

I have a charity Endometriosis South Coast we offer support to all people with Endo. There are a few other organisations that are fantastic. Sisters are amazing for support for people of colour with Endometriosis and PCOS. There's lots and lots and lots of online support groups on Facebook. Instagram is an amazing source of information and support, but try and find an in person support group they are invaluable and they can really help with your home support system. So your partners, if you have a partner and your family. I found that taking them along to a support group that I was involved in really help them understand what I was going through because they'd always believed that I was a bit of a drama queen and making up how much pain I was in. And yes, it really opened their eyes.

They ended up crying and apologising to me. So if you're really struggling with people believing you take them along to an in person support group. And yeah, these people end up being your support and your friends and you really grow to build a relationship relationship with these people in these support groups.

Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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