When should I be worried about the symptoms experienced after getting my jab?

How long should the side effects of vaccine last?

And how long should I worry? So referring to the COVID vaccine here and what I would say is that there are some side effects which are mild to be expected after you've had the COVID vaccine. And these are things like having a sore arm. You may feel hot and feverish, you may feel achy, generally under the weather, tired, and you may also feel sick.

And some people may actually be sick as well as they may vomit. And that's all normal. Normally, these mild symptoms will not last longer than a week, and even symptoms of fever will probably just last one to two days if that.

And you can take things like Paracetemol to help you feel slightly better, if you do have a fever. It's really important for me to just put out there that you cannot get COVID from the COVID vaccine. It does not contain a large part of the virus and therefore cannot trigger COVID into the system. It acts as a spike protein, which kind of acts like COVID and the body responds to this with an immune response. So try not to worry if you're getting these side effects and if they're mild, of course, if you start to feel really unwell, always see a doctor or call 111.

There are some rare side effects like allergies or blood clots again, if you're getting symptoms of these and you're worried, speech your doctor or call 111. But on the whole, most people will be absolutely fine after a week, or even after a few days of having the vaccine.
Dr Raj Arora

GP and Aesthetics Expert

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