When is the best day to try and conceive and how do I figure out when I am ovulating?

When is the best day to try and conceive? And how do I figure out when I'm ovulating?

There are several ways to figure out when you're ovulating. You can try using ovulation predictor sticks. You wee on them every morning until they tell you that you're at a high or peak fertility.

The problem with them is that they are actually telling you about your luteinizing hormone surge, which happens just before ovulation, but doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to ovulate.

So that's the only thing to bear in mind, though. You can also track your cervical mucus, which will change throughout your cycle and is usually sort of egg white consistency around ovulation.

You can also use temperature tracking. So there are lots of different devices you can use for that. My personal favourite is one called Ovusense, and it just measures your temperature. There'll be a dip just before ovulation, and then it'll rise throughout the second half of the cycle.

In terms of the best day to conceive. Sperm can actually survive up to seven days in the vaginal tract. But generally the best advice is just to keep trying every other day between day 7 and 21 of your cycle.

Laura Mcdonald

Hormone and Fertility Nutritionist

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