What's a recent study you'd like to share about endo that you think not many people know yet?

A really great study that I came across just yesterday, actually, and I really, really enjoyed.

It is titled My Body Is Out to Wreck Everything, and it's by Jacqueline Mills and colleagues from Deakin Uni, Monash Uni, and the Ken Miller Institute in Australia.

It's a qualitative study looking at the relationship endo patients have with their body. As you can expect. It highlights the negative impact that endo has on people's body images. I say women here because that's who the study sample was.

We know that men and other genders can get endometriosis, but this particular study, their sample was women. Interestingly, though, this study also highlights that some of the women develop a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their bodies because their bodies are capable of withstanding the pain and surgeries that endo has caused.

And this was really interesting to me because I'm always a really big advocate of trying not to ignore the pain, because the more we try and dissociate with our pain, the more it tries to scream out us.

So sometimes giving your pain space can actually be beneficial by just acknowledging that: 'Okay. I'm in pain, but I'm in a safe place. I can get through this.' Can actually make it pass quicker.

Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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