What things can I do to manage my pain at home?

What can I do to manage my pain at home?

I'm going to assume that this is relating to early labour pain at home.

So firstly, you need to create an environment which you find relaxing, which you find soothing, which you feel safe in. So I think definitely work towards creating a space in your home or just making sure the home feels relaxing, comfortable and safe throughout the pregnancy, so that by the time you do get to labour and you're having early labour contractions and surges, you can really channel that calming energy, that relaxing energy that you set up in your home to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

You want to maximise the release of the happy hormones, the release of like the oxytocin, the dopamine things that bring you joy. You want less of the stress hormones like adrenaline. So making sure your environment feels safe for you feels comforting. All those types of things would really, really contribute towards helping pain relief.

The second thing I would suggest with regards to kind of early labour pain management at home is trying to get a good balance between staying mobile, staying active and having good amounts of rest.

Labour is a marathon. It's not a sprint, so you definitely don't want to tire yourself out in the first instance, however, you do not want to just be lying down and all these things because good mobility, staying mobile, really good positions like kneeling, going upstairs, walking can help the baby get into a really good position and make the whole labour process that little bit smoother.

Dr Rumbi

Dr and Midwife

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