What is the difference between an OBGYN and midwife?

What's the difference between a midwife and an OBGYN? (Obstetrician gynaecologist)

Now I'm speaking specifically relating to the UK system because I know other places in the world have slightly different maternity care.

In the UK, pregnant women will be looked after primarily by midwives if they are deemed to be low risk. So if they have no past medical problems, complications that develop during pregnancy that may cause risk or increased risk of complications to both the pregnant person and the baby. Those will be looked after primarily by midwives, so all their check ups will be done by the midwives, their labour will be handled by midwives and the delivery will be done by midwives if you are deemed to be high risk.

So, for example, if a pregnant person has a history of type one diabetes, or develops preeclampsia during pregnancy, they will one be looked after by midwives because every pregnant woman in the UK will have a midwife looking after them. But to supplement that will also be seen by an obstetrician, so that's a doctor who specialises in the care of pregnant people and their babies, and they will look at any specific medical management that's required mitigate any risk factors.

If someone needs a non vaginal delivery, so, for example, cesarean section, then an obstetrician would do that. And also if they need an instrumental delivery, an obstetrician would do that too.

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