What is the best diet for irritable bowel syndrome?

What is the best diet for IBS?

The truth is, there is no one simple answer when it comes to gut health issues. What the science is showing us is that these colonies that live within our tummies, known as the microbiome, can often be less in those dealing with certain gut health issues. And when I say less, I mean more of this imbalance between the good guys and the bad guys, something that is known as dysbiosis, this imbalance of bacterias in the system.

So when it comes to certain diets, bacteria becomes incredibly complicated because we're not looking at thousands. We're not looking at millions. We are looking at trillions. So as you can imagine, it can be really quite complicated to know exactly which bacteria you're lacking, which food supports those particular bacterias and which foods to avoid to prevent feeding maybe negative bacterias.

But one thing that we do know is one of the best sources of food to feed the microbiome to these friendly bacterias is through adding more fibre into our diet. So more plants, whether that is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, herbs, spices. All of these foods contain fibre, obviously, some more than others. But the science shows us that the more diverse in the diet is different in regards to different plants, the more diversity we have in the gut and the more diversity we have in the gut, in often cases, we see less of these issues, such as IBS.
Simone Venner

Nutritionist specialising in IBS

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