What is a therapeutic diet and how do I find mine?

The expression therapeutic diet, is a bespoke diet that's going to actually nourish and heal you directly.

So that's something that I do with my one to one clients all the time through a lot of questioning and possibly some testing, then I can work out exactly what's going on for them.

And then I'll look at different areas and tell them what they need.

The body is really good at healing itself, but it needs the tools to do so through questioning and testing, I'll look at what their body is crying out for, what's missing and what they need to get it back in balance.

And then I'll help get that to them so that their body gets the tools, and then it can heal itself, which is what it really wants to do.

So generally, a therapeutic diet would be one where you've spoken to somebody and given lots of information about your personal situation.

Then they work out how they can help you directly.

Alice Godfrey

Nutritionist and Thyroid expert

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