What hygiene products do you recommend using? I've read a lot about feminine washes being bad for you!

Which hygiene products do you recommend using? I've heard that feminine products are not good for our body.

Feminine hygiene hygiene products, which are often called douches and are often sold under different brand names to clean our vagina are actually not necessary.

Our vagina canal has its own bacteria and cleaning process and fluids that naturally self clean itself without needing any products.

So if you're in the shower, for example, and you're wondering if you should use these feminine hygiene products or really scrub your vulva to get it clean, the answer is no.

Our vulva is quite delicate and it has its own process, bacteria and cleaning process. So if you're washing yourself with a loofah and some soap and it just happens to run down onto your vulva, you can use your hand to gently wash your vulva area also in and around the vaginal opening.

But you don't need to use any products internally in your vagina canal. Overall, when we're talking about hygiene, water is a fantastic cleaning tool for everybody to use.

Whether you're using the bathroom or you're in the shower too often, we don't realise that these feminine hygiene products will have chemicals and substances in them, which can be harmful to not only disrupt our skin that is in and around our vulva, but also the pH level and the normal bacteria that naturally occurs there.

So it's really important that you learn about the products that you might think about using and really wonder if you need to use them at all. Remember, our vagina has its own self cleaning process and the same thing that you would use in the shower, such as water is going to be perfect for your vulva.

Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Expert

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