What happens during a life coach session?

So what happens during a coaching session?

Well, that's a really good question, because sessions will differ depending on where the client is at in their coaching journey. However, the basic structure to my coaching sessions always starts off with discussing or focusing on what has been going well for that individual.

We will then review goals from the last session or if it's the first ever session, we will look at what their goals are and the reason behind those goals.

We will then explore some challenges that may have come up because let's face it, life happens. And of course, we will then celebrate successes. I will often introduce them to a new concept or information that I think depending on where they're at and their journey and obviously their goals that they might find useful.

And then I'll follow this up by an exercise designed to support them to move past any challenges that we've discussed within the session or that may have come up in previous sessions, and they'll also be designed to help them work towards achieving whatever their goals may be.

I've always found that coaching is very much about that person that is in front of you.

So there's always a need to have some degree of flexibility, to a session because my job is to meet the client's needs. I'm here for you to support you.

Kelly Swaby

The Self-Kindness Coach

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