What causes pelvic floor problems?

This is a really popular question. The most common one that people talk about is childbirth. And yes, that does have an issue on the pelvic floor.

If you're carrying around a little weight for nine months your pelvis is going to get weak, imagine carrying your shopping bags on your biceps for nine months, it will get weaker.

Even when having a C section you may get pelvic floor dysfunction after that. But if you have a vaginal delivery, your pelvic floor has to stretch and then depending on the type of delivery, how long you are pushing for, If you have any instruments and any other trauma, manual removal of the placenta, can factor how it affect your pelvic floor.

Menopause is also a big factor so changes in hormones and vaginal tissues can affect the area, causing pelvic dysfunction.

Constipation. I'd probably say that is number one, actually, that most people have problems with due to chronic straining and pushing down, which can cause issues with your pelvic floor.

Chronic cough such as COPD, asthma, problems when coughing
can cause a lot of pressure going down on the pelvic floor over a prolonged period of time.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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