What can I do to take care of my mental health with endo?

Most people that know me know that I'm a huge advocate with mental health help, especially with endometriosis.

I have through my charity, championed mental health help and managed to get endo in our local area, recognised as a long term condition for people to be able to be referred into talking services. It's huge.

Mental health help with endo is massive and it's something that I always always recommend to people. This is not me saying that endo symptoms are in your head because they're totally not. But there's something called the sickness cycle, and it's where your mental health can affect your physical health.

And then your physical health affects your mental health. And it goes round and round and round in those circles. And talking services and CBT with regard to endo are really helpful with getting you out of your own head space and getting out of that cycle, giving you tools to be able to look back and go, okay.

I recognise that I'm in this dangerous cycle. I need to step back and regroup and yeah, acceptance therapy is huge as well with endo. We have to grieve our past lives. We have to grieve our career losses, and sometimes we have to grieve the fact that we're infertile or are in pain every day. And acceptance therapy is huge with endometriosis.

Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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