What can a life coach help with?

One of the questions I've been asked is, how can life coaching help somebody?

So a life coach is someone who helps people make positive changes that are designed to increase their happiness, confidence and growth in many areas of their lives.

I bring the life coaching model in to help my clients focus in on what they really, truly want to overcome.This tends to be around health and wellness obstacles. So whether that be they've been feeling tired all the time, they feel worn out. they're feeling stressed more often than they would like, their periods all over the place or becoming more challenging, etc.

I help women kind of review that area, review different areas within their life that might be having an impact on their health and well being.

And together, we work on a self care plan, self care management plan that will help them feel like themselves again.

But life coaching can cover a whole different array of different areas whether that's career, whether that's motivation, whether that's confidence, whether that's you're kind of stuck in a rut for whatever reason, life coaching can cover an array of different areas.

And there's an array of different life coaches out there that specialise in different areas. For me, I just happen to specialise in women's health.

Kelly Swaby

The Self-Kindness Coach

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