What are the first steps I can take to overcome my eating disorder?

What are the first steps I can take to overcome my eating disorder?

So I'd say the first thing that's really helpful is just to tell someone and to tell someone who you can trust, tell someone who is kind, accepting that you anticipate is going to respond in a warm and accepting way because I actually just suddenly sharing a problem saying it out loud can be incredibly validating.

And it also opens the door to that first step of getting support. So I'd say that's definitely my number one thing.

The second thing I would say is go to the Beat website, which is the National Association for Eating Disorders. Do as much reading as you can see what you relate to, what you don't relate to, really educate yourself so you can really understand perhaps what's going on with your eating and to get more informed, because that's really empowering.

And the third thing I'd say as well is if you feel ready, go to your GP surgery and have a conversation with your GP. And I think what's important here some GPs with the best will in the world aren't great at understanding about eating disorders.

So you might want to phone ahead and speak to someone who's got some experience with eating disorders because it's really helpful.

Obviously, if for that first time you're really making that brave step for opening up that you're going to do that in a space where you feel heard and validated and you're going to be something posted to the right support.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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