What are some self-help methods that I can use & learn from a life coach?

So what are some of the self help lessons that you can learn from having a life coach?

For having your own coach, you can learn to develop what I like to call your own toolkit of self help or self care activities that can support you with your personal growth and improving anything really that you've gone to coaching for.

So in my case, in my client's case, health and wellness. Whether that be stress reducing exercises, self care activities that you can utilise and fit within your day, within your schedule, for example, it might be something like as simple as taking a lunch break during a busy day, learning the power and art of breath work and the impact that can have on your stress response.

Grounding exercises, self care kindness exercises, re-framing exercises for kind of mindset and trying to detach yourself from any negative thoughts or feelings that you believe are currently standing in your way and preventing you from either feeling well or moving forward, etc.

The key is to find your own tools that work for you and as a coach I can support you in doing just that.

Kelly Swaby

The Self-Kindness Coach

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