What advice would you give to someone with an ED over the Christmas period?

Number one is, I guess talk to your loved ones about the things that are supportive and that going to help you feel empowered. Go into that situation by setting and boundaries, asking for what you need rather than feeling really vulnerable to whatever is thrown at you.

My second tip would be to continue with the habits and behaviours that are helping you in recovery outside of the Christmas period. So if that's eating regularly, sticking to a meal plan, eating certain foods, stay in that lane, and that's most important at the moment, don't feel pressured to have to do things that you're not ready for yet.

Stay in your own recovery lane. Do the habits and behaviours that are helpful for you. And the other thing is allow yourself some distraction or people that you can phone. Maybe on Christmas Day to support you, getting away from things if it all gets a bit intense and have that planned in beforehand.

So you kind of make sure that you are self caring and not suddenly find yourself in a situation that feels overwhelming. And remember, it is only for one day for Christmas day.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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